8 American cities, which may disappear by 2100

Scientists have long been sounding the alarm, telling about global warming and its implications for the world’s population. Some cities are especially vulnerable to this phenomenon, as rising sea levels, in connection with which city located on the coast, may become victims of flooding, destroying buildings and infrastructure and claiming the lives of people.

Below we will talk about 8 American cities, which, according to experts, could disappear by the year 2100.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has still not fully recovered after the devastating hurricane Katrina in 2005.

the City is located in the river Delta, making it vulnerable to flooding. Some areas of the city are below sea level.

Already a significant part of the city goes under water.

Miami, Florida

the sea Level rises fast enough so that many houses and roads in the city are already flooded.

According to the study in 2018, which was conducted by experts from the Union of Concerned Scientists, 12 thousand homes to Miami will face the risk of chronic flooding over the next 30 years. Thus, under the threat is the living area with a total value of about $6.4 billion.

Houston, Texas

As in the case of New Orleans, Houston goes under the water, and quite fast – about 5 cm per year. This is due to over-pumping of groundwater, which creates the pressure difference and leads to subsidence.

that is why the city becomes more vulnerable to floods, as in the case of hurricane Harvey, which damaged almost 135 thousand homes and left without shelter, about 30 thousand people.

Atlantic city, new Jersey

Atlantic city has survived more than one flood. During hurricane sandy in 2012 from 70% to 80% of the city was under water. Scientists say that it is the most vulnerable city in America, are under the threat of 37 thousand people.

new York

One of the boroughs of new York – Queens is in the most danger. According to scientists, nearly 2,700 homes, or 7 200 people are at risk of flooding.

If that happens, it will be destroyed by the property totaling USD 1.2 billion.

Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is still more vulnerable than Atlantic city. About 64 thousand people are at risk of flooding over the next 100 years.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston may not fully be under water by 2100, but the city in the form in which it exists today will cease to exist.

According to research by 2016, every sixth house in Boston will be underwater by 2100.

Virginia beach, VA

Virginia beach is located at the intersection of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic ocean. The growth of sea level, the water in both water bodies will rise and inundate the city.

the city already has one of the highest growth rates of sea level on the East coast.