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– Now there are around 10,000 of people that are infected by the koronaviruset, 544 more than yesterday, enlightened Karin Tegmark Wisell who is head of department of microbiology at the Folkehelsemyndighetene at a press conference Friday.

the Number of registered infected have a drop from yesterday when it was reported 722 cases.

a Total of 9685 people confirmed infected by koronaviruset in Sweden.

– It is Stockholm, which dominates the number of cases in Sweden. The demand is high, said Karin Tegmark-Wissell, head of department of microbiology for Folkehelsemyndighetene.

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It is according to Folkehelsemyndighetene in Sweden 748 patients who receive or have received intensive care in the hospital.

– the Number of new posted on the intensive care is quite stable. We can’t take any conclusions, we will know more next week as we have time lag in reporting, ” said Karin Tegmark Wisell Friday.

head of department of microbiology at the Folkehelsemyndighetenene in Sweden, Karin Tegmark Wisell

Photo: svt Fewer dead

The last day it is registered 77 new deaths as a result of koronavirus in Sweden, a decrease of 29 from a day in advance.

a Total of 870 died as a result of Koronaviruset. 507 of them are male and 363 female.

They see that the infection is about to spread to several parts of Sweden, but Stockholm is still the epicenter for the disease.

Analysis of blood samples

So far is 4 061 confirmed infected in Stockholm.

the Top is responsible for the handling of the covid-19 in Sweden Anders Tegnell. He believes they will get better and more correctly the number who are infected in Stockholm next week.

– We have a measurement now, and will get a new measuring point next week. Then we shall also see on how many are immune in Stockholm. After that, I think we have a pretty good picture of how many that are, and have been infected in Stockholm, ” said Anders Tegnell.

the Government should among other things analyze a large proportion of those who have taken blood tests for various reasons, to check if anyone has had the virus.

in Parallel will look at the occurrence of the antibodies, said Karin Tegmark Wisell.

Norway and Sweden chosen different strategies in dealing with koronapandemien. Anders Tegnell believe Sweden has come as far in limiting contagion of voluntary measures that other countries have done with compulsory measures.

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Koronasmittede patients in Sweden who need respiratorbehandling, to get a narkosemiddel that is intended for use on animals.

Respiratorpasienter must be in general anesthesia, and because of the large number of covid-19-the sick, the supply of narkosemiddelet propofol soon about to end, according to the Swedish Radio.

The Swedish medicines agency have now approved that a veterinary medicine with the same content as propofol, can be used on people.

It is of course an extreme situation. Intensivavdelingene has a much larger the increased need of everything at the same time. When is it that we must make use of a part of measures that are not normal, ” says spokesperson Maja Marklund by Läkemedelsverket.

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