(Cannes) A ​​woman dressed in a dress in the colors of the Ukrainian flag burst onto the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday evening to cover herself in fake blood, before being evacuated by security, have observed by AFP journalists.

Before the out-of-competition screening of French director Just Philippot’s film “Acide”, this woman positioned herself on the steps, then pulled out bags of fake blood, which she tore open above her head. It carried no written message.

Security guards immediately intervened to remove him from the mat.

Wednesday evening, a feminist activist had already taken over the red carpet of the Festival, to protest against surrogacy (GPA).

Dressed in a red dress revealing a fake pregnant belly, on which was written “surrogacy” (GPA), this activist had already entered the red carpet in 2022 with her bust covered in paint in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and the words “stop raping us”.