Democrats in the modern sense, one finds very few among the men and women who have risked in the resistance against Adolf Hitler your life.

the assassin role models Are?

especially in bourgeois circles, in the nobility and among the officers of the third Reich, there were many, in the Andes partners with the new power, first of all hopes that fade – for example, with a view to Overcoming the unpopular Treaty of Versailles.

whether the members of the military resistance was good today, still a role model or not, is now – 75 years after the failed assassination attempt on the führer’s headquarters wolf’s lair – a new debate has flared up.

this dispute by several new publications, which deal mainly with the Motivation of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg is Fired, the Colonel of the 20. July 1944, an explosive device detonated in order to kill Hitler.

it Was Stauffenberg a desire to prevent an unconditional surrender or even to one’s own heroic deed? He had to as a high-ranking military a lot of knowledge was about the crimes of the regime, from a religious Conviction and a sense of responsibility?

perception after the war,

The assassination attempt was a failure. The dictator survived. Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators were executed. The Gestapo found out in their investigations that the conspirators had also entertained contacts with other resistance groups outside of the military.

Nevertheless Hitler at that time, in a radio broadcast statement, was behind the assassination, only a “small Clique have inserted” of officers came, in the minds of many. The conspirators of the 20th century. July may have been seen in the first two decades after the lost world war, many Germans still considered a “traitor”. That changed only gradually.

conspiracy as a model for the Bundeswehr

For the understanding of Tradition of the Bundeswehr, the military resistance, until today, great importance has. Because, as Stauffenberg, major General Henning von Tresckow and other military, who refused to allow the criminal NS-Regime, the blind obedience, the soldiers of the Bundeswehr are to think as citizens in Uniform and not blindly follow orders.

There were other resistance groups

But anyone who focuses too heavily on the conspirators from the ranks of the Wehrmacht, easily loses, the other from view, their fates, the Berlin memorial is documented in the Berlin district of Tiergarten also, Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, the resistance network, which the national socialists gave the name “Red chapel”, the worker Georg Elser, who had already ignited in 1939, a bomb, which Hitler was supposed to kill, and many more.

less than two weeks before the 75. The anniversary of the Berlin Bertelsmann representative office invited the Director of Berlin’s German resistance memorial center, Johannes Tuchel, the dispute with Thomas Karlauf.

Karl on the biography “Stauffenberg. Portrait of an assassin” had caused some of the vertebrae. Tuchel held Karlauf, the stresses in his book the big influence of the 1933 deceased poet Stefan George, Stauffenberg, the later assassin, was indeed a “political head”.

Much remains unclear

As the protagonists of the military resistance were executed, and also from the associated with it “kreisau circle” who had drawn up plans for a postwar order, only a few survived, until today, all questions of interest to historians, answered.

especially, the question is, what did the camps of the conspirators, when about the extermination of the Jews in the concentration, and the extent to which you are headed this Knowledge in your Considerations, is not clarified until today, finally.

AfD received Stauffenberg for its own purposes

Downright indignant Tuchel showed up at the discussion with Karlauf on the observed collection Stauffenbergs by the AfD and the so-called New rights, which speaks in its fundamental opposition to the established parties, often of the “resistance”. The Thuringian AfD parliamentary group had two years ago, the likeness of Stauffenberg with the slogan “The real anti-fascism has not released colorful hair”.

Stauffenberg was not a suitable assassin

Similarly, had expressed herself before Sophie von Bechtolsheim, a granddaughter Stauffenberg,. She had in June, the book “Stauffenberg – My grandfather was released no assassin”. With the title, the author wants to Express that their ancestors had not gone to the act itself, but to establish a new order in Germany.

Stauffenberg was as an assassin is not an ideal occupation. Fiddling with the detonator was for him because of his war injury is not easy. He had lost in 1943 in Tunisia, an eye, a Hand and several fingers of the other Hand.

in Addition, it should also advance the roll-over of Berlin forward. That’s why he flew back the day of the assassination, right after he had disposed of the explosive device in the capital. That, ultimately, he was the one who detonated the explosive device, was also due to the fact that among those who had access to Hitler, no one else was, would have been ready, the attack run. (SDA)

On 30 January 1933, “came from Adolf Hitler to Power in Germany”: But, as the cruel dictator managed at all?