Spain have now registered more dead among the coronasmittede than in China, where the outbreak occurred.

Spain has in the past day registered 738 new deaths among the coronasmittede.

It informs the Spanish ministry of health on Wednesday. The death toll has increased from 2696 Tuesday to 3434 on Wednesday.

This is the largest increase in a single day, Spain has so far been experienced.

Thus, Spain has overtaken not only the chinese Hubei province, where the outbreak of the corona virus originally emerged in december, but the whole of China.

In Hubei province, according to the official chinese figures 3163 dead, while the figure for the whole of China is 3285. The figures must, however, be taken with a certain reservation.

Only Italy have recorded more dead than Spain, namely the 6820.

In total, there are now a registered 47.610 coronasmittede in Spain. This is an increase of almost 8000 compared to a day earlier.

Spain announced on Tuesday that 14 percent of smittetilfældene is found among employees in the health sector. It got doctors and nurses to demand action from the authorities.

Spain is now at 11. day shut down.