At the beginning of the meeting, which was held in the empty hall of the Palace of the Cannes film festival, Thierry Frémaux said that the list that he will announce, perhaps many will not find the movies and the names expected to hear. He once again drew attention to the conditions under which films made the list – at the same, emphasized in his article Variety – he calls those films that will be released this year, and these pictures will not be to claim a place in the competition next year.

How to understand this? There are producers who are bound by obligations to release the movie in 2020, come what may. These paintings first and foremost Cannes film festival gives their “label” so they went to the audience with what was selected at the largest film festival in the world. Next year, in the program of Cannes-2021 they will not be included. But there are those who want and can afford to participate in the main competitions of other festivals with loud premieres, to awards and international press, and only then to send the paintings to the cinema, as has always been usual. These filmmakers could make the decision not to go on the conditions that invited them 73rd Cannes film festival. We can only guess that, most likely, as happened with the movies of our compatriots. On the sidelines of said at least two pictures – one of them was rumored to appear in the main competition at Cannes this year, the other in the second most important competition “the Special sight”. However, the titles of both films in the list, which was announced by Thierry Fremaux, has not sounded. This means that, most likely, the audience will see Russian films at other film festivals, which will take place in the real format. Or in the same Cannes, but next year.

Only Thierry Fremaux read a list consisting of 56 paintings, and not smashing it up “in sections”, which was used at the Cannes film festival, that is, the programs “Main competition,” UN certain regard, critics ‘ Week and so on. He divided the films into “Openings”, “Animation”, “documentary”, “Comedy”, “First experience”, “Beginners” (meaning newbies at the Cannes film festival) and so on. First impression – a record number of films by women Directors and debutants, entertainment and documentaries.. of the big names – the new work of Wes Anderson, Steve McQueen, Pixar, Francois Ozon, Naomi Kawase, Thomas Vinterberg and others.

Separately, Fremaux said of the new film spike Lee is an American artist this year to head the jury of main competition. Tape “Da Bloods 5”, shown out of competition, could mark the return of Netflix to the festival after all the scandals and prohibitions associated with the streaming giant.

List the named pictures that the world media will pay attention in the first place, focusing on the rating ofgidani and the names of their creators. This tape is “French message” of the Director Wes Anderson, “Summer 85” Francois Ozon, “True Mother” Naomi Kawase, “Lovers rock” and “Mangrove forest” Steve McQueen, “Another round” by Thomas Vinterberg, “the Fall” Viggo Mortensen (tape, where the famous actor has directed, and also played a major role is the hit of Sundance this year, wrote about it “RG”), “Soul” Pete Docter, “limbo” Ben Sarroca and others.

Brand name Cannes film festival to promote this year and get such tapes, as “In the twilight” by Sarunas Bartas, “the human planet” by Lucas Belvaux, “Ammonite” Francis Lee and other works. Interesting geography – movies from Egypt, Lebanon, South Korea (several of them and Fremaux highlighted the variety of genres), China, Georgia, Lithuania, Japan, Bulgaria, Israel and other countries.

it Should also pay attention to the fact that on 22 June, opens in a virtual format film market is a satellite of the Cannes film festival “Marché du film”. And the need to announce the list of paintings is now associated with this – on the online screenings with each of the 56 named movies will be able to see the buyers content and industry representatives.

Full list of films at the Cannes film festival 2020 can be found on his official website.