72-year-old Serb went on foot to Moscow to shake hands with Putin on may 9

Milovan Milutinovic from the city of užice in Serbia went on Saturday on a walking journey to Moscow, hoping to shake the hand of Vladimir Putin on red square on may 9. On his way in 2 thousand 640 kilometers through Hungary, Poland and Belarus.

72 years, Milovan was in good physical condition — he holds a black belt in karate and is the winner of the competition bodybuilders.

“we Plan to extend the 40 kilometres per day. I am ready, and fear nothing, except frost,” — said Milutinovic to reporters.

victory Day Milovan Milutinovic wants to see the parade in Central Moscow to Express its compliments to the President of Russia, RIA Novosti reported.

In 2012, the Serb on their own to get from Serbia to the Olympics in London. His path was 2.5 thousand kilometers. While Milovan broke two Guinness record.