Volleyball, table tennis, under-class of Russian Basketball and football in Belarus, and Nicaragua. This is not about the Sunday program of a super sports nerds, but the rest of the sports that you can currently put in large betting providers. “There are some very exotic offerings. The bookmakers are very creative,” says Christoph A. to FOCUS Online . “It is much else remains you left.”

The 40-Year-old is in a position to know. Since 20 years he is involved with sports betting; for about three years professionally. Christoph A. is the strategist of SMS BETS, a Full-Service provider for sports betting, which he operates together with two partners. “At the beginning, this was actually for betting recommendations by SMS”, he laughs and says that he sent his tips in the beginning of time in fact for the most part via SMS. “Today, it stands for Soccer and More Soccer.”

betting industry rests: “Since the 13th century. In March I gave no tip”

the Laughter of the sports sector bets, however, since almost three weeks have passed. The major sports leagues, associations and racing series, have ceased: and they bowed the Corona pandemic. “Since the 13th century. In March I gave no tip more,” says the tipster, who sends his recommendations in addition to the classic way via SMS normally, especially over the channel Telegram to its customers. Also a great Community on Facebook and an Instagram channel operates SMS BETS to stay with the Players in the exchange. SMS Bets Christoph A. operates with two partners, SMS Bets.

For you, he analyses usually, the sports betting offers from many different betting operators, recommends with the greatest chance of winning and even gives a tip to the height of the insert, the you should play. At 39 euros per month the price for the daily forecasts will begin and the worth.

In 34 of 37 months would be reported to introduced the tips the customers, profits to the expert proud. “I’ve made at the beginning of error as any other,” he says, and is reported by betting, for example, of the monstrous combination. Such, a former Amateur kicker and coach would recommend today.

Extreme rate fluctuations in the case of niche sports: “It’s an absolute gamble”

Currently, Christoph A. recommends betting any sport, because “quality before quantity”. In the offered sports competitions, the Knowledge that is going on but also the providers of for the lack. “The extreme rate fluctuations in Live betting reveal that the bookmakers have here know a little background,” explains the expert.

An example: During a basketball game from a Russian League, the odds for a victory of the home team before the game at 1.4. After the Team was lagging after a few minutes with six points, rose suddenly to 3.0. However, since most of the weather have only few information about these leagues, mutated betting more than ever to a lottery. “It’s an absolute gamble,” says the expert.

the tipster, includes many offerings, and for the layman, confusing, helps because. “It is recommended look closely, there’s a lot of quackery is operated,” said the 40-Year-old. Not every supplier operates its business legally and to register a business.

slump in sales of around 70 percent: The type of betting has

change “It is important to see that providers act transparently. There is a Homepage with imprint, there are normal means of payment and, above all, there is a transparent statistics?”, Christoph A. called, the questions you should ask yourself, if you are in search of legal tips in the betting area.

Currently there is both a betting recommendations as well as betting operators doldrums. “Around 70 percent” went the sales for Corona back, reported by Dominik Beier, speaker of the management Board of the betting provider, Interwetten, in an Interview with the “world”. This would also have an impact on the type of betting. Normally, 70 percent of the bets and live bets would be made. Before the crisis, the share of live betting fraud, “nearly one hundred percent,” says Beier. imago stock&people, A woman sitting at a Laptop and surfs the Internet on a sports betting.

the Interwetten spokesman called the current bet offer “controllers”. The risk of betting manipulation rises as a result? Christoph A. doesn’t believe in it, and assumed a different Trend. “Due to less offer fewer opportunities for Manipulation arise,” he says, and also mentions a concrete example. The manipulation-prone sports of Tennis, you just need a player to bribe in order to have success, pause currently complete. From the spite of the Corona-crisis played table tennis no manipulations are not yet known.

Curious bets in the Corona-crisis: How high is the temperature in Hamburg is?

But what happens betting with a long time, for example, already suspended Events such as the Olympics or the European football championship? “All bets on such Events are normally paid out at 1:1”, calms, Christoph A., but with a restriction: combination bets. You have typed, for example, in the context of such a the European champion, the multiplier for this part of the Tip. “The is usually seen with a ratio of 1.0.”

bets on the timing of a Re-launch of the Sports and individual leagues, the 40-Year-old has been observed so far has been as little as tips on bankruptcies of sports clubs. Whether the Latter forms in the company of many professional departments, would be legal, is questionable anyway – tasteless it all, especially in the current Situation.

Strange flowers of the betting market is driving by the Corona-pandemic anyway. “At a major bookmaker, you could bet in the last week, how warm it is on the following day at 12 noon in Hamburg,” reports Christoph A., and laughs. However, even a rather small division is blooming currently in the betting market on: eSports.

eSports, the future of betting? “More like a lottery”

the Stars of The Bundesliga battlen in the “Home Challenge” on the console, eSports professionals, Spanish kickers duel at the eSports round in La Liga – the virtual soccer gets in these days of attention from the camp of those who watch normally prefer games where a real Ball is chased. That’s what makes eSports for the betting industry, interesting, or?

you can bet on it for quite some time, says Christoph A., but the attention was currently higher. “We are pursuing this for two weeks and it’s fun to watch.” Reasonable forecasts is to Express, but difficult, no matter whether eSports professionals and gaming, under, or against real players. “The Whole is more like a lottery.” The future of sports betting, the expert does not see in eSports. Sport1 FIFA-final in 2019: the battle for the world title on the console, in London.

decision in the month of may: not, the Ball will threaten to go to the betting industry in big trouble

As it is in the future in the industry, is currently still unclear. Many of the big bookmakers are on the stock exchange or part of large gaming companies, Interwetten is, for example, owner. “We are quite prepared to be flexible and able to be a difficult Phase to endure,” said Board spokesman Daniel Beier, limits but in the next sentence. “For more than two months this should not take almost completely sports-free time. Otherwise, it is also critical for us.”

For the future, the means one thing: uncertainty. “If in may not, the Ball will have to consider rolls out as many as you can do it any more,” he says of the Interwetten speaker and hopes that in may it can be played again, “whether with or without spectators”. Christoph A. is in the same vein and says that “mind games would help, starting in may in the industry. It would be a small damage control for our industry.”

In games with viewers this season, he no longer believes, but has at least the faint hope that the Sport “can return to normal in four to six weeks halfway”. A glass ball but has not even the recommendation, of safe expert. “Predict currently no one can.” Hospital-Video stirred for Klopp to tears: “I could not admire the” FOCUS Online/Wochit hospital-Video stirred for Klopp to tears: “I could not admire”