Here secured the inhabitants of funen their latest victory in the premier League with a win of 3-1 over FC Nordsjælland.

Since OB played nine matches in the Danish football best series without victories.

B. T. has spoken with head coach Jacob Michelsen on the downturn, which means that the OB already two rounds before the end of the base game at, that they miss out on qualification for the mesterskabsslutspil, most of the winter break was sure the OB would end up in.

“When you don’t get the victories in the house and start the spring with a defeat and three draws matches, so moving it is not in the table, and why are we where we do.”

“and with that I myself is a part of the, I think definitely that the is it. We have great confidence to the players, coaches and managers, who are around the team. It is basically the same people as when we are in the last year was only one and a half half from winning the bronze.”

“I should not complain. It is, of course, in football that when a team wins, the coach and the players are amazing. On the other hand the opposite case, when the team loses. It is a premise that has always been in the world of football. The interest in what we are doing, is huge. I consider this a privilege, and if you would like to receive words of praise when it goes well, I will be the first to take the criticism when it goes bad.”

“not at all. I have always had a good different shifts, but it is clear that we are tired of that we didn’t win in our last nine matches.”

sales of Bashkim Kadrii and Ramon Leeuwin in January’s transfervindue weakened you?
“It is clear that it’s not like you can replace Kadrii, who was our top scorer, talisman and part of the anførergruppen. But having said that, I think, that we have got some exciting players on the check.”

“I am quite sure that I have some talented colleagues around the Danish Superliga clubs. They analyze our games, we like to analyse their. I think more, it’s all about, that we have lacked quality in what we have done, than that we necessarily have been read by the opponents. But even though the process in the world of football is a swear-word, we are in a process. We are trying all the time to adjust to the small things in relation to the task, we are in for. Personally, I have never seen a football coach, not trying to ask with his best team.”

“Fyringssnak is a part of the gamete. In the last season, we came for the first time in eight years in the top-6. It has revised up its expectations for us. Unfortunately, we are repeating, not the success of the year. We are both tired of and disappointed. It is such that, on the trænerposterne continuously being changed out. I’m the League manager, that pt. has been fjerdelængst time. Maybe the trip at a time for me. But it’s not something I spend time thinking about. I try to do the best I can, and so is the other, who assess whether I should be fired. But when a team in terms of impact has underpræsteret a while, is it quite fair that the coach comes to discussion.”