On hot summer days, we lose when sweating a lot of liquid. That is why it is important, that we drink even more. Because of too much water tastes boring, this is easy with fruits, vegetables or herbs to spice it up.

1. Flavored water

Fill a carafe with water, add ice and taste the refreshment to your liking with a side dish. A tasty way cucumber slices and mint are! To whom the Whole is too complex, you will find in the supermarket, in the meantime, good Alternatives, freshly prepared.

2. Juice – thirst quencher with vitamin kick

Also, juice spritzers or unsweetened fruit and herbal teas are suitable quencher in the summer very well as a thirst. The former are in a ratio of three to one mix. That means three parts water and one part juice

fruit juices provide you with an extra dose of vitamins and minerals in addition is a very welcome side effects.

3. Raspberry red wine Slushy

Slushies delight not only in children but also in adults, very popular. Anyone who has tasted up to now, never of one of the half-frozen colourful Drinks, for it is time. For adults, there is an Alternative with a wine that has it.

ingredients for 1 glass (approx 300 ml) 125 gtiefgekühlte Himbeeren100 mlRotwein (fruity, slightly)1 ELAgavendicksaft50 gRahm¼ PaketVanillezucker¼ TLKakaopulver

Frozen raspberries with the red wine and agave syrup with a hand blender pürierenIns glass gebenRahm together with the vanilla sugar and cocoa until stiff. The whipped cream in a pastry bag and on a Cocktail of 4 syringes. Helga

Not only your color is pretty to look at, also your taste. Helga is the sister of Hugo, is mixed with Prosecco or white wine and mineral water. Raspberry syrup makes for a lively color.

ingredients 2 part Prosecco or Weisswein1 TeilMineralwasser1 shot of raspberry syrup Fresh mint

Mix the Prosecco or white wine in a ratio of two to one with the mineral water.To give you a shot of raspberry syrup.Decorate leaves the glass with ice cubes and Mint. Alternatively, one, two, raspberries, it can be give. 5. Strawberry iced tea with strawberry puree

For the fruity freshness with a refreshing iced tea in different variations makes. Because strawberries are in demand in the summer, especially, the small red Snacks are also perfect for Drinks.

ingredients , 300 to 400 gErdbeeren3 up 4 bags of strawberry-Tee4 to 5 ELAgavendicksaft1 packet of vanilla-Rohrzucker1 water Fresh mint

Wash the strawberries and puree them then. To cook the mass and leave it for about five minutes to a simmer. You will pass the puree through a sieve.They give about three to four strawberry tea bags in a Liter of water and boil it.Agave syrup and vanilla cane sugar two to three hours, add cold. With fresh mint and 6 for garnish. Cold Brew

you are a real coffee Fan? Then you can enjoy your Favorite pick-me-up in the summer iced. Perfect for the Afternoon Tea to the cake or as a Dessert, the so-called Cold is Brew.

ingredients 200 gKaffeepulver1 water cream

The coffee powder with the cold water pour over and stir well. About 12 to 24 hours covered at room temperature ends let pour coffee through a fine sieve and then filternDas highly concentrated result in a ratio of one-to-two or one-to-three with water mischenMit ice cubes and whipped cream to serve 7. Strawberry-rhubarb-Apple-milkshake

Who has the usual vanilla milk shake tired, grab a fruity Alternative. You try to be calm in different variations. The mixture of strawberries, rhubarb and Apples, is delightfully refreshing!

ingredients 1Rhabarber3Äpfel150 gErdbeeren1 TLKokosöl1 lButtermilch

rhubarb, Apples and strawberries apples and strawberries cut into small pieces, then everything in a blender. Coconut oil and butter, add milk. All good mix-milk shake for some time in the refrigerator and then freezing cold to enjoy