The season for tomato-Mozzarella salad is in full swing. Basil is one of the most popular herbs of all and is in most kitchens or gardens. Less is known, however, that Basil not only tastes excellent, but complaints such as stomach cramps, digestion can alleviate the problems and headaches.

Also Daisy a surprise: you have an antipyretic and appetizer. Even dandelion, the many perceive it only as a weed, this is too bad, it easy to begin and to dispose of it. “Young dandelion helps, for example, in metabolic disorders, gout and Arthritis. It has a mild laxative effect in case of stomach and intestinal inertia,” explains naturopath and lecturer at the Medicus school of natural healing, Beatrice Styger, in the VIEW Interview. It stresses that the herbal recipes a visit to the doctor, or medications for serious replace diseases. “Herbs and medicinal plants can be supportive or preventive.”

“In any use of herbs should be fresh”

often, the medicinal herbs be taken as teas or juices to diseases, to get our strength back. Marigolds are also recommended often for external use with injuries. You can also help with warts. “Each time you use the herbs and plant leaves should be fresh and always be well washed,” says the expert. Nettle or young dandelion leaves should not be collected, therefore, at the forest or the roadside. Where do dogs in your business.

Some of the recipes and uses of herbs and plants with healing properties has selected Beatrice Styger for SIGHT-readers.

1. Sage

You get to know him in the Suffering, in the mouth and throat. Because of its drying and germ-adverse effect, sage is inflammation of the gums, canker sores, tonsil and throat inflammation used. As a gargle it relieves sore throats and quiets smoker’s cough. However, it can also be used in gynecological disorders. Through the menstrual promotional and reliever sage stimulates menstrual bleeding and regulates it at the same time, relieves menstrual pain and menopausal complaints. Sage regulates the entire female hormonal balance and can increase also fertility. He also has a slightly stimulating effect on the adrenal glands and is, therefore, helpful in depression, dullness, low blood pressure, Tremors, and dizziness. Sage is probably plant one of the most welding-insulating Healing. The herb is antipyretic, and can help to lower the blood sugar level. Helpful sage is stitches also, in the case of skin ulcers, wounds, boils, abscesses, and insects. Sage baths to beautify the skin.

infusions: 15 to 30 grams of leaves and flowering shoot tips per litre of water. Four daily cups of drink, in the case of menstrual cramps, a week before the occurrence of the rule. the compress and washing: perform With a decoction of 80 to 100 g of leaves per Liter of water. the mouth rinses and gargling: With the above decoction. the bathrooms: to reset The compresses described decoction to the bath water to leave skin smooth and supple are. 2. Raspberry leaves

Earlier used raspberry leaf tea as a black tea substitute. The taste is slightly bitter, like black tea. Helpful raspberry leaves are in a cycle of complaints and the puerperium. In the green leaves of the raspberry diving phytohormones are. They act similar to Estrogen and have a positive effect on the maturation of the ova and the structure of the cervical mucus. Helps during pregnancy that the cervix and the pelvic muscles are soft and loose. The birth is facilitated, since the birth of accelerated process and the labor phase can be shortened. Caution: do not, Therefore, at the beginning of a pregnancy drink. Supports cycle regulation and relieves menstrual cramps. The leaves are particularly rich in Vitamin C, iron and calcium.

1 to 2 teaspoons of chopped raspberry leaves with boiling water, pour over six to ten minutes and enjoy. 3. Basil

Supports the digestion and strengthens the nervous system. Relieves nervous-related digestive complaints, such as stomach cramps. Helps in case of severe digestion and headaches caused by digestive problems. Basil also strengthens the nervous and blood vascular system and is recommended for exhaustion and low blood pressure. In nursing mothers the herb supports the production of breast milk. In addition, Basil will facilitate the Menstruation and relieves the associated pain caused by uterine cramps.

of Course, salad as we Basil are all familiar with. the infusions: 20 to 30 grams of leaves and flowers per Liter of water. After each meal, a Cup of hot tea to drink. Honey increases the effect. 4. Marigold

Heals wounds and normalizes the menstrual period. Calendula increases the gallbladder, and is suitable in the case of blood stasis or impaired function of the liver. It supports the Healing of stomach and duodenal ulcers. The effect can be increased by combining Calendula with nettles. The wound-healing and anti-inflammation effect is also inflammation in the stomach, the gastro-intestinal inflammation, and vomiting helpful. Anti-inflammatory, germ-adverse and wound healing: it is especially due to its wound healing effect in the case of open wounds and bruises ends highlight. Wound healing is accelerated in the event of external wounds and bruises. It is said that the marigold flower is also that you can leave in the case of external application, warts will disappear. The the in them contained salicylic acid causes.

infusion, type: One to two flowers in one Cup with water. A day, two to three cups of drink, if necessary, sweeten with honey. the External application: compresses and washing with a decoction made of about two handful of flowers per Liter of water. The affected skin directly to treat. Poultice with fresh petals, which are wrapped in a thin cotton cloth. the washing: With the fresh juice of the flowers, the applying on the affected areas of the skin. the cream: You pressed the juice of 100 g of fresh flowers and mix it with 500 g of Butter or other suitable ointment base. 5. Daisies

Strengthens and purifies. The leaves taste slightly sweet and fit well with the bitter dandelion. Also the blood has a cleansing, slightly diuretic and laxative, sudorific, antipyretic, and expectoration-promoting, invigorating, and appetite stimulating and wound-healing.

especially raw, but also cooked in salads and other dishes. the infusions: With a large tablespoon of flowers and/or leaves per Cup of water. A day, two to three cups of drink. the External application: A decoction from 50 to 60 grams of flowers and/or leaves per Liter of water to prepare. Two minutes of cooking, rest for 15 minutes before you filter it. The compresses in the filtered fluid, soak, hang up, and every hour change. 6. Dandelion

The taste of dandelion is the arugula in a similar way. Dandelion is studied to Detoxify, Drain, and for blood purification. He seems to be digestive, slightly laxative for stomach and intestinal inertia, and helps to shot in stomach discomfort and regurgitation. Dandelion forms of gastric and bile juice for better digestion, helps in metabolism diseases as well as gout and Arthritis. Ideal in the spring to strengthen, useful in convalescence and exhaustion.

For salad: Young and fresh leaves, wash well, and with lemon juice and Oil to prepare. the Saftkur: About 60 grams of washed leaves in the blender, about a litre of water and mix. Let it soak overnight, and store in the refrigerator. Before meals each a glass of it to drink. Is a suitable treatment for about four to six weeks. The same treatment can also be made with nettles made. 7. Nettle

it is Recommended to wear when Collecting and Preparing nettles gloves. Nettles are suitable for Dewatering. They act as a diuretic and blood purifier. They have a high content of iron and Chlorophyll, which can help with blood deficiency and the formation of red blood bodies.

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