Finally, no caps and more! Gone are the days of tails with flying hairs, plate approaches, and the deep Horse. From now on, we take a stand and wear the latest hairstyles for 2020! And psst: The work when the winter weather strikes again.

spring hairstyles: rose gold Highlights

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the rose gold is not only in terms of It-drinks, jewelry, and clothing, still the trend color par excellence. Also in the case of hair colors we love the soft Pink. We conjure up for us in the spring of 2020 in the Form of delicate Highlights in your hair. As the exactly is going on, and more inspiration you will find here.

hairstyles for spring: Halfie Hair

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Bun Helped? Clearly, cool! But what is in the spring of 2020 much great: Halfie Hair! Wearing also already Influencers and Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Bella Hadid & co. is said to style the Trend!

hair trend in the spring: Curtain Bangs

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Micro-ponies, and straight-cut ponies change a Look immediately and radically. A gentler method, Curtain Bangs that frame the face like a curtain and also more quickly out grow there. Already Fans: Victoria’s Secret Models Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill. The style sent to your Curtain Bangs, and that is so!

spring hairstyles: Scrunchie-Looks

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Yeah, the 90s (again) back! And our favorite accessory that is a must in the spring to Scrunchies! The come in all sorts of hairstyles to use, and can be used in a variety of ways. How exactly? You can see here!

hair trend in the spring: Double Top Knots

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this Look, we already know from earlier: the croissants were the Spice Girls and Tic-Tac-Toe. In the spring of 2020, you will experience her sensational Comeback. So it goes: middle parting, pull hair into two parts parts. To turn the first strand at the top of the head of a screw and stuck. Repeat with other side – done!

spring hairstyle: Octopus Bun

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In the spring it must go like a little casual. Then we take the already casual Bun in a Messy Version. The Bun is quite fluffy and pull apart. Here you can see even more variants.

spring hair: Mermaid Hair

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Also like the Octopus Bun from the sea, the so-called Mermaid Hair is inspired. Just in the romantic spring, we are completely blown away by this great braided hairstyles in the style of Arielle. You can find more information here!

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