All-wheel steering and air suspension: 3610 franc

“Vorsprung durch Technik” is Audi’s advertising slogan. Who can afford the technology package Q7, receives, in addition to the four-wheel steering, in which the wheelbase of the luxury SUVs, depending on the Tempo, felt or renewed is shortened, also the adaptive air suspension for the regulation of the ground clearance. Also includes: 4-zone automatic climate control and a Premium sound system.

-Matrix LED laser light: 3120 Swiss francs

the Brighter it gets at Audi don’t: choose Who’s headlights, neither with the Standard LED with such oncoming traffic, clipping the ends of Matrix LED headlights satisfied, the exclusive HD-laser light. In addition to 64 individual LED a high-power laser diode is 70 km/h active, which illuminates the road for hundreds of meters – glare free for oncoming traffic.

roll stabilization: approx. 5000 franc

When looking at the competition, we go from an estimated 5,000 francs for the high-tech roll stabilization system in the Q7. For this, the buyer gets the Finest technology: The 48-Volt on-Board network allows the 2.2-tonne flagship in the curves literally no Wank, so noticeably less to the side tends to and thus track is safer.

Head-up Display: 1420 franc

anyone Who wants to enjoy the full virtual world with Digital faucets, and double-touch screen, not around comes high-resolution Head-up Display. In addition to speed and speed limits, also Navi will be played-information, and the gyro representations.

long wizard: approx. 2260 franc

courses provide 21 Sensors in the Q7 more than 30 different assistance systems! The most significant of which are summarized in the packages the Tour and the city. For a lot of riders in the Tour package, the part of Autonomous Driving, even in a traffic jam, a Turn-off and back – up wizard is recommended here.

a seven-seater variant: 1980 franc

The 5,06-metre-long Q7 abounds in the interior, just as before place. Who wants to drive more than a half of the football team for Training, you can optionally order an electrically retractable third-row seat. The maximum trunk capacity of 2050 litres is reduced only minimally.

– ceramic brakes: 11’050 franc

time starts the same with the Q7 in October, the even stronger SQ7. To keep the 435 HP and 900 Nm from its four-litre TDI in the bridle, stand out as the most expensive single extra ceramic instead of cast iron brake discs in the price list. The save is not braking distance together, only nine pounds of weight, but also crucial meters. And at a price from 113’400 Swiss francs, it’s just up to the few Thousand francs more for it to.