7 deadly viruses created in the lab

In China and Asia as a raging epidemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. The number of people infected with coronavirus in China exceeded 20.4 thousand people died of 425 people.

nearly 150 people got sick out of China, one of them died. The who declared the outbreak an emergency situation of international importance.

Authorities are trying to take all possible measures to stop the spread of the virus.

often, However, new viruses are created in the laboratory on the basis of already existing viruses to create vaccines and drugs to treat them.

Below we will discuss viruses and bacteria created in the laboratory.

Smallpox horses

Scientists from the University of Alberta has created a smallpox horses – a deadly virus that, unlike smallpox, is not striking people and dangerous for the horses.

Scientists created the virus in six months, the study was funded by a pharmaceutical company Tonix. DNA samples needed to create virus, was worth only about $100,000.


As scientists from the University of Alberta, and their colleagues from the state University of new York has acquired DNA samples for the creation of the polio virus.

they Created the virus as dangerous as its natural counterpart.

Despite the fact that in today’s world almost managed to eradicate polio, scientists fear that a vaccine may still be required if the virus to resurface.

Mouse pox

a Few years ago, scientists at the Australian national University and the State Association scientific and applied research (CSIRO) have created by mistake a mutation of the smallpox virus. This mouse pox, which is deadly to mice.

Scientists have tried to develop a drug for birth control mice, but they managed to create a virus that was deadly and destroyed the immune system of mice.

SARS 2.0

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), a deadly virus, which has 700 people died during the epidemic in 2002-2003. All in all, the virus affected 8,000 people in 29 countries.

a Group of scientists at the University of North Carolina under the direction of Dr. Ralph Berika created a new mutation of the virus, called SARS 2.0. A new virus was created by adding protein to SARS. SARS 2.0 resistant to existing vaccines and drugs, which are applied against the natural virus SARS.


Phi-X174 – another artificially created virus. It was created by scientists of the Institute of Biological Energy Alternatives in Rockville, Maryland, USA. Scientists have created an artificial virus based on the natural of the virus phiX. PhiX is a bacteriophage, that is, the virus, which kills bacteria. However, it does not effect on a person.

Avian influenza

Dutch scientists have created a deadly mutation of the bird flu virus.

Natural bird flu spreads among difficult people. However, scientists have made a new mutated virus is easily transmitted from person to person.

For the research, the researchers used ferrets because they have observed the same symptoms of avian flu that people have.

H1N1 Virus

In 1918, a world ravaged deadly virus of flu H1N1. At that time more than 100 million people were infected with the virus, in which the blood got into his lungs.

the Virus came back in 2009. He was not as dangerous as its predecessor, despite the fact that ever since he mutated.

the Scientist Yoshihiro of Kawaoka took samples of the mutated virus which caused the epidemic in 2009, and used them to create a stronger strain that is resistant to existing vaccines. This strain was similar to that which caused the epidemic in 1918.

Kawaoka did not plan to create a more deadly virus, he only wanted to create the original virus in order to study it better and learn how he mutated. This deadly virus is kept in laboratories and can lead to tragedy ifto release him outside.