Ischgl – betting booze with whistles

the village of Ischgl, in the Austrian ball man of the Alps, is considered to be Corona-spin for skiing fans from Germany and Scandinavia. On 5. March said Island Ischgl to the risk area and put the place on stage in Wuhan, after the country people had returned with symptoms.

Two days later, was tested in the Après-Ski pub “Kitzloch” a bartender is positive. Devastating: He and his colleagues had re-hung and whistles, the staff and the drinking guests blew, to the Party to fuel – or to make their way through the celebrating masses.

somewhat hesitantly, that the authorities taken action and closed finally, slopes and Hotels. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s office. It is, among other things, the suspicion of a gastro operation had not reported the end of February, a positive Test of an employee.

Milan – virus-fog in the Fanjubel

The football game between Atalanta Bergamo and Valencia with the Swiss Remo Freuler (27) on may 19. February met wonderfully in the corner, is considered to be “partita zero”, as the game is Zero. In the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals in Milan so much mucus and saliva was due to the collective euphoria over the 4:1 victory of the Italians in the air that might be in many of the 44’000 people infected.

As at 23. February, the first patients to the district hospital Alzano Lombardo in the event that the Board appreciated the danger, and took no special measures. Soon after, Doctors and nurses were infected and carried the Virus in their circle of acquaintances. Two weeks later, after the end of the incubation time, exploded, the number of cases in Bergamo and the surrounding area.

Bangkok’s super faithful to the Boxmatch

In Thailand, it is believed that the Virus could have spread from the Lumpini Boxing stadium from. Manoon Leechawengwongs, a specialist in respiratory disease, says a Boxing fan have contracted the Virus from a relative who had returned from Italy. The Boxing fan was on 6. March to the stadium went, without knowing that he was infected.

Apparently, he was to the “super spreaders” because about 50 patients for more Boxing fans and the Virus is more wore. The doctor claims that the imported from Italy Virus is more aggressive and more dangerous than the Virus from Wuhan. In the meantime, was imposed in Thailand, the state of exception.

New York – Every hour a dead

the first cases in the USA have been found in the state of Washington, but in the meantime, New York has become the actual hotspot. In the largest city in the United States, where in the streets and U have a crush tracks reigns, dies practically every hour, a person with the Virus.

mayor Bill De Blasio (58) said: “We are in New York City is now the epicentre of the crisis in the United States.” He warned of a deterioration in the situation. “The worst is yet to come. April is much worse than the March. And I’m afraid that may might be worse than April.”

U.S. President Donald Trump (73) do not seem to care big. Because he again wants to “do Business”, he could relax soon, the measures again.

Wuhan, – Of animals transferred

The Chinese city of millions is regarded as the place where the novel Virus to a wild animal market, according to the US journal Science on 18. September 2019 for the first Time has occurred. It is assumed that it comes from bats and probably a Mammalian the human has passed.

China sealed off in January, several million cities fully. In recent days, the measures could be eased and the life is more or less returned.

Verbier – “the tip of The iceberg”

Doctors in Verbier have been required to provide the Valais place, and the whole of the Val de Bagnes under quarantine, because they consider the Region as one of the largest foci of infection in the Switzerland. The Doctor Sabine Popescu said: “We need to separate the Region from the environment, to protect the Valais and the Switzerland.” There is to much “and Go,” especially of workers.

Popescu expects that soon more than 60 Infected, what is but only the tip of the iceberg. This week, the Valais Council of state decided against a lockdown of the resort.

Ticino – gateway Switzerland

Probably because of the proximity to the site of infection of Northern Italy, Ticino in Switzerland, the most affected. So the first Infected in Switzerland was in the 70-year-old from Ticino, the on 15. February,, is in the Region of Milan to a meeting.