“It is in error, we apologise. The errors are a result of sagsbehandlingsfejl that could – and should – be avoided.”

So clear are the words of rigspolitichef Thorkild Fogde in a just issued press release about the new møgsag of police, B. T. has revealed today.

Concrete trades the case about this:

at Least 669 citizens have by mistake had their names entered in the cases, they do not have any connection to.

All of the 669 persons have been removed from the cases, they were mistakenly registered, is it in the press release.

“the Police look at the handling of citizens’ data very seriously, and we have therefore put a thinking in time, which must ensure that the errors be corrected and that we will get the necessary overview,” says rigspolitichef Thorkild Fogde and adds:

“in Addition, we have initiated a number of measures to ensure that it does not happen again.”

the Police have now set up a working group to ensure that all errors be corrected.

According to Thorkild Fogde, this working group also ensure that there is the necessary orientation of all concerned citizens, for whom the error might have had negative consequences.

in Addition, the national Police to strengthen the guidance given to the employees in the area, so the mistakes are not repeated.

And so will the Police adopt a stricter self-monitoring in all police districts, as the Police will supervise.

“We must note that there has been a sufficiently robust set of rules and procedures to ensure uniform practices across the country’s police districts. It is not good enough and that we are in the process of correcting,” says the it director of the national Police, Lars Ole Dybdal.