the Number of coronadødsfald sounds on 66 in Sweden, where the approach to the outbreak is different in Denmark.

66 coronasmittede persons are so far confirmed dead in Sweden in the context of the widespread virus outbreaks.

This was stated by the Swedish authorities at a joint news conference Thursday afternoon. This is an increase from the 62 deaths on Wednesday.

the Number of confirmed smittetilfælde has increased from 2526 to 2806.

– We have a quiet development, compared with other countries. But it requires that we do not stop to work from home or stop at home, when we are sick, says statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell.

Anders Tegnell is associated with Folkhälsomyndigheten, there is the Swedish equivalent of the Danish national board of Health in Denmark.

He stands for the Swedish line in the fight against coronavirusset.

so far it has marked itself to be somewhat less restrictive than in many other countries – including Denmark.

In Sweden’s schools, for example, still open, while it is only gatherings of more than 500 persons, which is prohibited. In Denmark it is not allowed to gather more than ten people in the general public.

Many of the Swedish smittetilfælde has struck near the capital of Stockholm.

And Anders Tegnell says that one should expect strong pressure on the health care system.

– coming more and more into the intensive care unit. This is particularly true in Stockholm, where the number is increased a lot these last few days.

– It’s going to be really tough – not least for the health service – to deal with it here, says Anders Tegnell, according to the Swedish Aftonbladet.