This is a new record: In the year 2018, the Swiss increased its operating profit by 16 percent to 636 million Swiss francs. In the past year, the Swiss has also brought as many passengers as never before.

a Total of 17.9 million travellers flew with Swiss Airline. The were 6.2 percent more than in the previous year. The utilisation of the aircraft was also better. On average 83,4 were occupied by the 100-seat, as the Swiss already in January.

fleet renewal pays off

More the Swiss benefits of its fleet modernisation. Thanks to new, larger aircraft, the number of Swiss flights only increased by 3.5 per cent less than the passenger numbers, which helps the results.

in Addition, more cargo space for cargo. In the past year, the Swiss has eingeflottet two more long-haul aircraft Boeing 777, as well as 13 additional medium-haul aircraft, the C-Series.

in Addition, hedging transactions for fuel had been successful, wrote the Swiss. In the past year, the aviation fuel has become more expensive. The fuel bill is for an airline, one of the largest cost blocks.

More profit with cargo

Other positive effects would result from the investment in the premium range such as, for example, the Lounges, the strong economy and various one-off effects.

636 million Swiss francs, an operating profit had made the Swiss the best business results since its founding in 2002. To have this result in all areas, such as the freight business and the location of Geneva contributed, significantly, wrote the Swiss.

Airline chief Thomas Klühr said he was very proud of that. For the fourth Time in a row, the Swiss achieved an operating profit margin (EBIT) of about 8 percent.

fleet modernisation continues

there were, However, against the wind, against the end of the year due to the increase in gasoline prices. Sales increased in the final quarter, while 3 percent to 1.3 billion Swiss francs. The operating profit dropped by a fifth to 87.3 million Swiss francs.

The Swiss will also benefit in the current year of your modern and fuel efficient aircraft fleet. With the completion of the Acquisition of all of the 30 C-Series in summer, this effect would be reinforced, wrote to the Airline.

In return, the Swiss are expected due to preparation work for the Acquisition of its two additional Boeing 777 and the Airbus A320neo, as well as lower gains from Fuel hedges, higher costs. Nevertheless, the Swiss for 2019 aiming for a margin on adjusted operating profit in the double digit range, it said.

New Premium Economy Class

In the spring of 2021 is Swiss on their long-haul fleet with a Premium Economy Class to introduce to the positioning as a Premium-to strengthen the Carrier. In a first step, the additional class of travel on the aircraft of the Boeing 777-300ER fleet, with 24 Seats available. In the medium term it is planned to place the product on the entire long-haul to expand the fleet. Conversion costs: 40 million. the

The new travel class is equipped with a newly developed seat, the passengers, according to the Swiss “a high degree of leg freedom of movement”. Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer at SWISS, said: “Overall, passengers will benefit in the Premium Economy Class of a much larger personal space feeling.”

how Much more expensive the Premium wood class, the Swiss can’t tell yet. (SDA/koh)