Claim 1: For 5G to be used for new, not yet tested frequencies.

Not in Switzerland.

that in future for mobile communication, previously unused frequency ranges could be used. But what will be, will be is still unclear. Although in all over the world, frequencies are assigned, they will only meet in October, representatives of regulatory authorities from all over the world in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. You want to specify which frequencies should be allowed for 5G.

the frequency blocks were auctioned off in February, in Switzerland, lying between 3.5 and 3.8 Gigahertz (GHz). These are centimetre waves – they differ only little from the current Standard for 4G. Of millimeter waves, the science speaks only as of 30 GHz.

statement 2: You do not know, what is the impact of 5G-have frequencies on the body.

Incorrectly .

the large-scale effect of millimeter waves that penetrate from physical reasons, be less deep in the body, has been little explored. However, we will not have to do it for a while yet, because 5G is moved as described above, in the centimeter range. “Whether millimeter waves in the mobile radio communication for the application is currently being assessed and is not in Switzerland currently up for debate,” says Silvia Canova, spokeswoman for the Federal office for communications (Ofcom).

the frequency blocks were auctioned off in February for 5G, we know already. About Wi-Fi on and the Radar technology. For Radar antennas, the same legal limits apply as for mobile antennas. The radiation from Wi-Fi networks is based on current knowledge, is safe.

assertion 3: 5G frequencies to be used in weapons.

the U.S. military has developed a new energy weapon, the by directed microwaves of the Active Denial System (ADS works:). Here an antenna transmits radiation with a frequency of 95 GHz, the effect of 500 metres and in the case of the irradiated persons, approximately 0.4 mm to penetrate the skin. The second layer of skin, where nerve endings and blood vessels are located, will remain thus spared. The high energy heats the water molecules in the upper skin within seconds to around 55 degrees, which causes pain. With the non-lethal weapon people should be done in escape, similar to water cannons, rubber buckshot or tear gas.

here, too, the radiation intensity is important, not the frequency. ADS transmits with a power of two to two and a half megawatts (2’500’000 Watt), which rays are not close to mobile phone is comparable to the (see claim 5).

in Addition, the 95 GHz are in the millimeter-wave frequency range. This is the area that will come in the mobile phone only later to use – when there is new scientific evidence to do so.

assertion 4: 5G interfere with weather satellites. to be expressed

in the United States, forecasters are worried the frequencies of 5G have been auctioned recently. Weather satellites measure the radiation emitted from the earth, and draw from it conclusions as to the weather conditions. Particularly important is the Signal from water vapor.

The required measurement frequency is 23.8 GHz. This is at the upper end of the band, which was recently auctioned in the United States for the 5G.

the US space Agency, Nasa, and the weather authority is now negotiating with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the distribution of frequencies to avoid interference. Also at the conference of regulatory authorities in October, you will work towards an agreement.

In Switzerland there are no expected problems: The current 5G frequencies are far from the weather services are critical to 23.8 GHz away. “The protection of scientific frequency bands used for Switzerland is an important issue,” says Ofcom spokeswoman Silvia Canova. You will work closely with Meteoswiss. “In Switzerland and in Europe compared to the US, lower limits for the noise level by 5G, to minimize interference between the Sensors.”

assertion 5: The 5G frequencies to heat up our tissues.

the electric penetration of electromagnetic radiation into the tissue and heat it. We are taking advantage of us – for example, in a microwave oven, which usually runs with 2.45 GHz. That makes sense, Yes because you want to, that the radiation heats the food quickly.

Commercial microwave ovens provide up to 1000 watts, and use them to move water molecules into vibration. Since you don’t want to hold his Hand. The radiation would heat the water in our tissues, it is a short period of time would be within an injury. The devices are shielded, so that hardly any radiation penetrates to the outside.

the dose makes the poison, or the intensity makes the risk. The radiation intensity is in the case of mobile phones is significantly smaller than the inside of a running microwave. Every phone has a SAR value (Specific absorption rate) indicates how much radiation is absorbed for use by the human body to the maximum.

Current smart phones have a SAR value between 0.1 and 1.99 watts per kilogram of body weight (W/kg). A higher value would be the WHO limit value of 2 Watt/kg is exceeded, which is illegal in Switzerland. Stricter recommendations, a levels, a value of 0.6 for the health largely safe. (On this Website you can check what is the SAR value of your mobile phone.)

is not Fixed: in The case of mobile radio transmitting equipment make up the largest proportion of the radiation exposure. About 80 percent of the recorded mobile phone radiation originating from the own cell phone. A study by the Swiss tropical and Public Health Institute showed.

The radiation, the better the reception is and the further the device is away from the body. Therefore, the Federal office of public health for making phone Calls headphone or a Headset with a cable or a weak Bluetooth transmitter is recommended.

assertion 6: mobile phone radiation die is responsible for the bees.

proven .

that mobile phones have an impact on bees. The Swiss biologist Daniel Favre found out when an attempt is made in the year 2011, that the insects do not hum much louder, if an active phone is attached to a bee box. For the researcher, a sign that the bees are disturbed by and exclusive to warm. At the wrong time could be fatal.

Favre’s Experiment took place under extreme conditions, with a cell phone in close proximity. Under normal circumstances, bees are exposed to such radiation intensity. In wide-ranging studies, it has been previously demonstrated no effect of mobile telephony on the bees.

statement 7: Because of a 5G mass of trees to be felled.

while that the range is in the high frequency range is small, which is why the network needs to be tighter. Trees were in the way and would cut down today for the 5G Development in the great style, say it in social media.

for the 5G will be like no trees. To make neither antennas nor to the radiation of space. The Website Mimikama that exposes Fake News, went after the allegations and was able to prove that the alleged “5G-deforestation” normal deforestation for various reasons.

To keep in mind is: The current legal limits for individual antennas restrict the possibilities of the Provider. The leads in the short term, they would have to build more antennas, in order to cope with the increased amounts of data. In the long term, the number of antennas is expected to grow steadily, to allow a close-meshed network.

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