Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi said: before the week deadline, the moratoria of various cantons in the Western part of Switzerland against the new mobile radio standard 5G verse Tiessen against the Federal government. Now: He was right.

A common opinion of the Federal office for the environment (FOEN) and the Federal office for communications (Ofcom) confirmed research by the “SonntagsZeitung” that the Federal government is responsible for issues relating to the radiation of mobile phone antennas and health effects (FOEN); also in the competence of the Federal government’s Monitoring of the telecommunications law and the relevant concessions (Ofcom).

there is No room for cantonal provisions

The cantons shall make their respective construction in which you are for the authorisation and control of mobile equipment.

From the “Sunday newspaper” noted Ofcom because that there is no room for cantonal and communal provisions for the protection of people from radiation of mobile radio systems. The cantons are able to prevent in the framework of the construction law only a single mobile radio systems, for example, because an antenna has blighted the townscape.

Geneva, Jura and Vaud tear before

the initiators of the 5G-moratorium, such as the Geneva CVP-parliamentarians Bertrand’s book or of the Vaud Green Raphael Mahaim acknowledge that a Moratorium on any lawsuits would probably not hold up. You want to ensure that the cantonal discussions to the mobile radio standard 5G will arrive in the national Parliament. Mahaim relies on the tactic to with complaints the individual antennas due to the construction in question.

The cantons of Geneva, Jura and Vaud have imposed a Moratorium on 5G antennas, or consider such. In Bern, St. Gallen and Schwyz appropriate initiatives are proposed. Municipalities, too, to put against 5G antennas for the military. The Federal government sold 5G licences to mobile phone providers for a total of 380 million Swiss francs. Swisscom wants to abandon, according to their own information, for the time being, to complain. (SDA/pbe)