does not know Who will see this weeks, the Swiss hit movie “Zwingli” in the cinema, only much about the Reformation, but also about the story of the founding of one of the most tradition-rich companies in the country: Orell Füssli.

the German immigrant printer, Christoph froschauer, the 1519 is not only civil rights, but also the sermons of the reformer Huldrych Zwingli prints. The Offizin Froschauer, as the company is called first, the state printing house of Zurich. A privilege granted to the printer over the decades, lucrative contracts. It is the beginning of a success story that was written to the present day.

As the “Handelszeitung” eight years ago, was 150 years old, she wanted to bring firms together, also about 150 years old, and founded a club: the Suite 150. To do this, boy “like the clothing company, Mammut (founded in 1862)”. And those that are even older than Orell Füssli, namely, the Inselspital Bern (1354), the boat company SNG Lake-Lucerne (1357) and the Aarau bell foundry kunstgiesserei H. Rüetschi (1367).

However, there are still more Ancient holdings that are not part of the Suite 150. So, for example, the Zurich paper mill (1471) and of Schwabe Verlag in Basel (1488). Add to that a series of old Inns – the oldest today still existing is Wettingen of the “stars” at the monastery. He hosted 1255 for the first time guests, is older than the Confederation.


The Zurich-based sociology Professor Katja Rost (43) is worthy of the celebrations for the 500-year anniversary of Orell Füssli the merits of the company: “The founders have cleverly used the opportunities offered them by the then relatively new technology of the printing press. In addition, they were networked in the fine Zurich society.”

After the death of the descendants of Froschauer in Zurich patrician families give the printing company the Jack in the Hand. As you heard in 1789, the sexes, Orell and Füssli, the Name is changed. The company had to the well known publishing house developed, known, among other things, for the issuance of the Murer-map of Zurich (1576), the founding of the first newspaper in Zurich (1622) or the pressure of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (from 1780).

SNB, a printing house,

buy As Zurich in the 19th century. Century rises to be the economic metropolis, prints, Orell Füssli, what it takes: shares of the first stamps in continental Europe and in 1848, for the first Time, a Banknote. In 1914, she is the in-House print shop of the which was founded in 1907 the Swiss national Bank. The SNB accepts the 1991 stock packages of the family Bührer-Guhl, which was determined in 1920 by the fortunes of the company. Today, the SNB, with a share of about 33 percent, the largest shareholder of Orell Füssli.