the Barn has burned down, and the sheep burned inside. The farmer said that it was not a chance to save them, ” says operasjonsleder Yngvar Fredriksen by Nordland police to the NTB.

the Person who reported the fire is carried away in an ambulance after having breathed in smoke.

It is not danger that the fire spreads.

Heavy fire

Power to the building is cut off and the fire department has control on the site. According to police, parts of the building collapsed.

– We have not been inside the building yet, but are working with the fire extinguishing agents from the outside, ” says vaktkommandør Bent Krister Osbakk at 110 centre to NRK.

the Message about the fire came in just before the clock 07 Saturday morning.

Kløkstad is located about 20 minutes outside the centre of Bodø.

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