Several financial head of the Clubs received in the past few days, an Email from the alleged Association President or another Board member with the question of whether you could transfer money from the Association account. A signed club called the Zug police, such as those announced on Tuesday.

In the episode, the investigators encountered a temporary mail server. Of this from the fake Mails were sent to around 50 clubs from the German part of Switzerland. Subsequently, the police contacted the clubs concerned to warn you.

In some cases, the responsible parties have already exchanged with the scammers, said a police spokesman on request. You have but currently have no knowledge that the money had been transferred.

those Who reply to the fake e-mails, the exact amount and the corresponding account will be communicated to information. The Scam is a Form of CEO-fraud and the police was known. The identification and the location of the perpetrators is difficult, in the current case, you do not know, as yet, only that they come from Switzerland.