Our feet are spoiled: most of The time, we stuck them in shoes, in their natural Form, we will let you rarely do your work for you. The constant shoes to wear for our feet is not so optimal. Because by the representatives of the natural movement of the foot is weakened, the foot is in its original Form. The result is that the muscles in the feet atrophy. With debt to smooth floors.

To close treads or shoes with heels are other factors that constitute a burden on our feet. Time, you just once again to unpack. Just the summer is ideal to go barefoot. To get to know which one works best for you, take a look at the in-depth review of Shoe Adviser.

Five advantages of barefoot walking, Protects against foot and nail fungus: Contrary to the notion that you get infected as a barefoot runner is more likely with foot or nail fungus, are people who frequently go barefoot, even more of it spared. A good breeding ground for foot or nail fungus is a warm humid environment that there are in shoes that allow little air exchange. By barefoot the feet are better ventilated and perfused and warm skin, protects against fungal infection! the Strengthens the muscles: Who walks with stiff soles under the feet of this flat with the heel. Not all of the muscles in the foot are required. Muscles of the Front and middle foot are neglected. You go with blutten feet, cushions the front part of the foot the impact, the joints are less heavily loaded. the posture: If we have too little power in our feet, do we unconsciously evasive movements. The result is that It can lead to a muscular imbalance. Going barefoot helps against weak feet and ensures that the Foundation remains strong and stable. the Strengthens the immune system: Cold floor, or wet meadows, that we catch cold. On the contrary, it enhances the body’s own temperature regulation. This theory is also the Kneipp medicine followed. the Makes your feet less sensitive: By regular barefoot the feet are toughened to go. Because the fat layer thickens under the Epidermis, the small stones no pain stimulus more. Although many believe that barefoot runners suffer more of the cornea, it is not so. This is caused by friction and moisture, which when walking Barefoot only rarely occurs. Every beginning is difficult

But who is accustomed to go barefoot, for Running without shoes turns out to be the true procedure. Then is recommended to start step by step with it. No beginning is easy – the same applies here. For the Barefoot training of the leg muscles is required and must be constructed, as with all other muscles, only once, slowly, to work.

Initially, it runs best only a half-hour without shoes on soft soils, and the only two Times per week. Especially recommended for sandy soils or soft forest are. When you Go out, you roll each and every step deliberately from the heel to the bale.