showing up only as a Clown, is really starting out. Creativity and diversity of ideas, because this season is carnival enthusiasts in a simple and funny panels that can be easily made. With these five creations, you are in 2019 in the Trend.

1. Time travel: the 80’s Party

Particularly liked the Look of the ‘ 80s. The Outfit is not only stylish and funny, but fits many different Mottos. At best an old tracksuit out of the van speakers under the Arm, bright sunglasses grab and go on the dance floor.

2. Animal: Leopard

animal pattern come from, I just never go out of fashion. Practical: The Animal Print is currently on display in any Store. A cat costume in the Leo-Style can be compiled as quickly as possible.

3. Group costume: football team

This costume is super for large cliques. Everyone can pick a number, and you’ve got a whole team. The helmet, the player immediately draws all eyes.

4. Childhood heroes: Kim Possible

Since the Trailer for the live-action adaptation of “Kim Possible” has been published by, the barrage of social media criticism. The costume for the anitmation figure, however, is made quickly and thanks to the Internet vortex that is currently fashionable.

5. Stars: Britney Spears

“Hit Me Baby One More Time” – the cult Outfit in the music video of Britney Spears’ Hit, everyone knows! Plus point: Who is in Stress, should be able to find all the utensils for the fairing at home.