The time when you are becoming an adult is great and overwhelming, – it beckons young people with the opportunities of finding new friends, getting autonomous, and dive right into the bright and colorful social life. However, these changes often bring a kind of stressful experience like never before in life. Teenagers have to adapt to the brand new environment, accept the fast speed of life and make serious decisions, so freshmen often find this all tough.

Anxiety in college years is quite common so if you are the one struggling with it, you are far from being the only one victim of it. The study conducted by the American College Health Association has shown that in 2018 more than 63% of learners felt under pressure during the last study year. The National College Health Assessment revealed an even more frightening picture – about 24% of students confessed to being diagnosed with mental problems linked to anxiety.

‘So How Do I Fight for My Mood Recovery under Such a Great Stress?’

This article will attempt to become a helping hand to those who suffer from constant anxiety and college depression. Relying on the statistics data and the tried and true pieces of advice for students, we have gathered them just for you. Read on to find out more!

Here is what could help you understand the mechanisms of hopelessness (and how to avoid feeling so).

Healthy planning = good emotional health

The National Mental Health Association claims that depression arrival is connected to planning. In what way? In short, the feelings of unworthiness and the topped vulnerability attack us when we do not cope to do everything we had to. Overestimation of your abilities leads to inadequate planning; as a result, you make too many ‘musts’ and load yourself with a sense of shame if you didn’t make it.

As a resolution, try to put in your schedule as many points as you could really accomplish, taking into account your time for self-care, communication, and those little things like lunch or a phone call.

Do not be shy to seek some help

Often the ‘college sadness’ is caused more by the enormous workload than the stress of adjusting to the new circumstances. You’re going the extra mile, spending sleepless nights hitting the books or writing essays. Sounds familiar? In this case, searching for additional sources of academic aid would not be optional. Sometimes making yourself free by turning to a professional essay writing company will be a great game changer, leaving you the time for your hobbies, communication with family and friends, making a short trip, or just reading your favorite book, sitting in a blanket and sipping the fragrant hot tea.

We do not say that this should become your habit, but services like often provide quality papers with the totally authentic content that serves the decent substitute for the hard work on your own.

Taking time for yourself every day

Now, you should realize that this is not an optional luxury. This is a burning necessity! If we look at Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, we will discover that the need for relaxation (which includes good sleep, food, and comfort) is just at the bottom which means that this need is one of the most basic ones. Only fulfilling this need, others, ‘higher’ ones have the chance to come into reality.

How, you say, do I make it a cure for depression? Refreshing oneself in various ways, for example, listening to the outstanding pieces of contemporary music, or making a 30-minute walk in the marvelous autumn park, or going out with the one you love coffee, will make your mind feel so much better! This is a paradox that many people neglect such simple joys that work and seek complicated solutions instead.

How do we defeat depression? By cultivating joy!

Friendships and open communication can turn the darkest places of life into a great adventure, and this might refer to college hardships too. Sharing emotions and being honest with people is proven to reduce stress and make people feel more ‘fit into this world’. Indeed, connecting to certain people or groups of people might again look simple but it also makes the endorphin level rise up, therefore, providing us with the necessary ‘dose of joy’.

So, following the given tips and remaining persistent in this, you are very likely to battle depression and anxiety in any form! Don’t worry, be happy.