chocolate tiramisu Muffin, a piece of Cheesecake or a Serving – that sounds like a Dessert dream, but unfortunately, even after a calorie nightmare. All who approve themselves to the like to eat something Sweet, but need not, occur in the Fattening trap. There are certainly Desserts with low calories, the taste and the desire to have a Sweet pay off.

banana Pancakes (approximately 160 kcal per Serving) ingredients for 2 servings or 4 Pancakes 2Eier1Banane½ ELZucker1Messerspitze Backpulver½ TLZimtetwasButteretwasPuderzucker

whisk the eggs and sugar together. Then a bit of baking powder and a ½ TSP of ground cinnamon.With a fork the banana in a small press, to the egg-sugar-Mix and stir. A little Butter in the frying pan, place the dough in the pan and then fry on low heat. The Pancake and on the other side, fry until Golden brown.Pancakes serve warm with a little powdered sugar sprinkle. Almond-blueberry-Muffins (approx. 96 kcal per piece) ingredients for 12 servings 6Eier100 gMandelmehl50 gKokosmehl50 gFrischkäse4 ELZucker1 TLBackpulver100 gHeidelbeerenetwasZitronenabriebetwaspuderzucker

preheat The oven to 180 degrees. Eggs and sugar in a bowl until frothy. Fresh cheese. A bit of a lemon grate the zest and stir. Subsequently, the blueberries add. Form for 12 Muffins. Dough in it evenly distribute. Muffins for about 20 minutes in the oven to bake. Then remove from the oven, let it cool down and icing sugar to decorate. Raspberry-yogurt cake (about 146 kcal per piece) ingredients for 10 servings 250 gHimbeeren300 gJoghurt200 mlSchlagsahne3Eier70 gMandelmehl1 ELMilch1 ELKakao4 ELZucker4 BlattGelatine2 ELZitronensaft1 packet of pie-lemon

zest preheat The oven to 180 degrees. First of all, the cake is ground. The egg-whites until stiff. Almond flour, egg yolks, cocoa, milk and 2 TABLESPOONS of the sugar in a bowl and mix well. Egg whites with caution. A Springform pan (about 26 cm diameter) with baking paper, the edge of the grease and dough filling. In the oven bake for about 25 minutes.Remove from the oven and allow to cool. The rest of the sugar, 100 g of the raspberries and the yoghurt, mix together and mash. The lemon zest.Subsequently, the gelatin to soak and expressions. The lemon juice is warm and the gelatin, wait until it is resolved. The gelatin mass to the yogurt mixture and stir. Whip the cream until stiff and add to the bowl. The yogurt-cream mixture onto the cake bottom and cover with raspberries documents. The cake about two hours in the refrigerator. Cake glaze according to instructions and then over the cake mix. The cake for two hours in the fridge.Serve chilled. Blueberry-Frozen-yogurt (approximately 135 kcal per Serving) ingredients for 2 servings 280 ggefrorene Heidelbeeren80 gGriechischer yogurt (fat-free)1 ELHonig½ ELZitronensaft

mix All the ingredients in a blender to a creamy mass. For about ten minutes in the freezer. Subsequently, portions in small bowls. With nuts and dried fruit garnish. Peanut butter-chocolate-Taler (approximately 120 kcal per Serving) ingredients for 12 servings 65 gungesüsste Erdnussbutter1Banane2 ELHonig1 TLVanilleextrakt150 gHaferflocken (fine)50 ggehackte Mandeln30 gChocolate Chips

mash The bananas. The mass together with the peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract in a small pan and stir until everything has blended.The Whole bring to a boil, then remove the pan from the stove. Oatmeal and chopped add almonds and mix. Cool slightly the Chocolate Chips, stir, then. With a large spoon, form the dough into small, round fundamental shapes and place on a plate. Biscuits and then for around 30 minutes in the freezer – until everything is fixed.