Alfa Romeo Arna: The Worst of two worlds

After the grate king Alfasud engine of this car, nail in the bankruptcy coffin Alfa in the Fiat-arms. Who knows, maybe that would work with Italian Design and Japanese quality? But not around please different! The Arna of the bieder-drawn Japan-Compact Nissan Sunny, mies installed in the South of Italy. After only three quasi-buyer-free years, wars in 1986 with “Alfa Romeo Nissan Automobili”, in short Arna.

Mercedes Vaneo: Less star was never

Maybe Mercedes had mastered the “elk test”debacle of the first A-class was not only good, but good and believed to be able to star it, everything for sale: The Vaneo should pay homage to the MPV Boom but was just a higher A-class. Unfortunately, without their quality or comfort, but sold to genuine Mercedes-prices. In the fourth year, the Swabians were ashamed, and set the Vaneo 2005.

Peugeot 1007: The sliding door into the From

The idea was good, the car has: Electric sliding doors on 3,73 Meter small car will save in the car Park less space than I thought, open slowly and make the car heavy, awkward, lame, too thirsty and too expensive. In its fifth year and was only sold a planned annual production of the 2009 final. It’s a pity, because those Flops cost then often the courage to try New things.

Saab 9-2X: Shame on you, at least,

An Impreza with Saab Logo! We would not be able to say that Saab parent GM in 2004, helping the misunderstood and, therefore, infirm Sweden daughter by cheering her at the time, rustic Impreza from the time GM Partner Subaru to sell it in the USA as an elegant Saab. Quite the opposite: After two years of wars. In Parallel, the 9 flopped-7X, a Chevy TrailBlazer with a Saab Logo.

VW Beetle: Thank you, that’s enough

In the summer of 2019 he, this king of the chubby-retro-Baroque – okay, Design is a matter of taste, but we will miss him: the Beetle has sold since 2011 in two conditions-uniformly (Europe) to okay (America), but the Golf-clone, in spite of a flower vase in the Cockpit, especially in the first Generation (image) just a poor imitation – and takes us the hope, the beetle could return as good as Fiat 500 or the Mini.