Audi 100 of 1982

This model, thanks to Audi, it’s that the brand is now mentioned in the same breath with BMW and Mercedes. This edition of the A6-Ancestor, the Audi 100 – the Fans talk of the series C3 – was aerodynamics world champion and looks about, even after 37 years, still fresh. The rust, the fully galvanized body captured; in addition, it came with Quattro all-wheel drive, and not as the first, but as the first successful combination called Avant (image). Until 1991, he held, in China even up to 2004.

Citroën CX, 1974

Not only is the “goddess” DS of 1955 is timeless: With the never officially, but secretly, as a successor to imaginary Hyper-modern CX floated Citroën 45 years ago, to Almost-death and Takeover by Peugeot the bankruptcy thereof, and with the hydro-pneumatic suspension to 1991, through the countryside – thanks to this, Not incidentally, also on only three wheels. The Break-called the Combi was so long that he could serve the car without growing sick.

Mercedes S-class of 1979

her predecessor, the highly visible in the 1970s-born W116, the successor to the clunky “tank” W140 was. But the series S-class W126 remains forever elegant and timeless: there’s Nobody on the luxury liner of the once proud age of 40 years. By the way: Here class came to hapless Try other manufacturers, the first in a large series built-in Airbag, and until today, this Generation of S-master-built luxury sedan in the world.

NSU Ro80 1967

In classic rallies, he is often overlooked by the audience, as modern as the Ro80 looks after 52 years. When he started in 1967, he was the future, pure and simple. Trend the wedge shape, feeling of driving – leading the way and super. Only the Wankel engine: Ro80 drivers greeted with raised fingers, in accordance with the number of changed motors. You got back in the handle, but the customers: in 1977, the Ro80 ran out and with it NSU (the last NSU-development K 70 came as a VW).

Renault Avantime 2001

As the car was the first (and last …) Van-Coupé of all times, a fully-flop: Just 8500 were built. To this end, after only one and a half years of construction, crack the tradition-to-order manufacturer Matra-rich to From. As long as the Espace, the Avantime is a lot of space – but a lot of little Bitches like a creaking glass roof. But this madness design! We wonder how we can wonder, after 18 years on this bold sculpture on wheels.