in 1946, the most popular swimsuit in the world was invented. First of all, the Bikini caught the minds, because there’s too little fabric to it, and now he can’t be nearly enough. The Bikini has very little fabric. But this does not need to care, so he loses after a season of Form and color.

how to maintain a Bikini right After the Swim Bikini rinse with cold water to remove residues of sunscreen, Sand, chlorine and salt water. Thus, the elasticity of the substance is not lost.
sun bleaches wet Bikinis more, so always have a dry spare to have. Ugly stains on the fabric caused by the sun cream. 30 minutes before exposure to the sun lotion that protects Bikini and skin.
This dirt and grime can not penetrate deep into the tissue, should be washed to Wear the Bikini to any third party. 15 minutes to soak in cold water with a mild Shampoo, or fabric softener to clean.
wring out The Bikini never, it will lose shape and elasticity. Rather on a towel in shade to dry.
Bad, it gets the bathing suits, if they are kept crumpled. This makes them brittle, and its shape is changed. Who stowed Bikinis flat, looking forward to next year.

For the perfect summer body, don’t need to tumble necessarily the pounds. The cut of the Bikini, right, nothing stands the Badi occurs in the way.

the inventor of The Bikini, Louis Réard, a French mechanical engineer. Learn more about the history of our Badi companion.

spring is here and the Winter fat, in spite of good intentions also can still? Claudia Müller, a qualified nutritionist from VIEW eBalance, white, as you have still chances on the Bikini figure.