At the end of last week should 450.000 surgical mundbind be the country with aircraft in Denmark.

They came, however, never arrive, and you don’t know where they are.

“We have been deceived,” says the executive vice-president of the Region of southern denmark Kurt Espersen to the DR and continues:

“When the plane appeared in Europe, there was no delivery to the us. It had disappeared on the road. Either was it did not come with the plane, or it had been sold before we got a hold of it.”

The 450.000 mundbind should have gone to the Region of southern denmark, which right now acute lack both ansigtsvisirer and surgical mundbind, and it describes Kurt Espersen opposite DR as problematic.

the group managing director informs, explains to the DR that you don’t know what has happened with the many mundbind, but his theory is that the middlemen have sold them to a buyer in another country who was willing to pay more.

It is not the first time, you feel cheated at the Region of southern denmark. Kurt Espersen explains further, that the region is experiencing, the prices increase suddenly, or that the region only gets a few minutes to decide on purchase.

the Region had fortunately not been able to pay for the 450.000 mundbind.