The number of deaths due to corona virus in Belgium for the past 24 hours has risen to 220. It’s going to be an increase of 42. That is, the inter-federal representatives announced on Thursday at a daily press conference.

At the hospitals, 536, additional patients with the COVID-19, while of the 128 patients in the hospital and allowed to leave. This brings the total number of patients at 2.652. 605 people are in intensive care, an increase of 131. There must be a 420 patient ventilation, which is an increase of 98 people.

in total, There are now 6.235-confirmed infections in the country, an increase of 1.298. This is an under-estimate, since not everyone with symptoms is being tested for.

the Peak has not yet been achieved

“The peak will be, we are probably at the beginning of april,” said Steven Van Gucht at the press conference. “Well, it depends, of course, very, very hard on the development of the figures.” This prediction will, however, assume that everyone in contact with them has been cut in half. “But we don’t know for sure how much we use our contacts to be reduced,” says Van Gucht. “Well, if it is more than 50 percent, which is the peak of what used to be, this is the fact that less than 50 percent of the people, then later drop it and take the time for a longer time.”

Van Gucht stressed that, once the peak has been reached, we are still only at the half of the time sitting down. “There are still a number of difficult weeks to follow after.”

for Our behavior is the determining factor:

the action is being taken today, two weeks to take effect. “It’s important that everyone have a routine that looks for, for example, if you work from home,” said Benoit Ramacker, the emergency operations centre. “It’s important for everyone to adapt to the situation. The change will make our society much better. In a time of uncertainty, it offers stability for both individuals and companies. And that’s what we need.”

How long it will last? “These are understandable questions, and to know that we have to take into account these questions. The experts have been in the beginning, with all the right advice. But it is our conduct that will determine whether or not the measures will not be for very much longer it will last. If everyone were to take responsibility and organise, then we’re going in the right direction.”

“We would like to thank you for the effort. Take care of yourself, and to others,” says Yves Steven, the emergency operations centre.

the Council

as of Friday, the National Security council will once again be together. This is where the experts along with the representatives of the governments of the country. They will then decide whether measures are to be extended and have become more stringent, or less stringent can be.

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