is since 2010, and has not could be the municipality of Salmsach TG so far earned several Thousand francs: A bathing place order, which is bizarre. The municipality requires that groups must obtain eight people in advance of a grant, if you want to enter the public Badiwiese. Discovered this is the “Tagblatt”.

For the permit must grab the Badibesucher deep in the pocket. “It costs 40 Swiss francs, and thus the cleaning of the Badiwiese is paid,” says the municipality of writer Nicole Haas. So the Littering is to be encountered-Problem. “It works very well,” said Haas.

The focus of this instruction to young people who would like to visit in groups, the Badi. You have a Littering of risk is obviously, as it’s called in the municipal administration. The instruction also applies to birthday celebrations and weddings that would be performed on the Badiwiese.

the group is Growing need to a high to the municipality of

it throbs in the municipality administration to the fact that the crazy rule is consistently applied. A group of 4 visited, for example, the Salmsacher Badi and poking there, then four more persons, a person had to obtain up to the municipality and a permit for it. “Who has no permit, has violated the bathing place order,” says Haas.

employees of the security services would then have the right person alien to obtain and to provide the 40 francs.

And if the administration of the municipality, such as on weekends, is closed? “Because you have to take care of stop early enough,” says Haas. So or so: The authorisation was necessary.

Legally very controversial

In the case of experts, one rubs the eyes. Markus Schefer, a Professor of constitutional and administrative law of the University of Basel, doubts, for example, that the municipality may make Samlsach the stay of groups in public spaces require a permit.

“If the Badiwiese is large enough, and a group of 8 people does not affect the stay of other Badi guests, I do not believe that a requirement for authorisation for residence may be required,” says Schefer.

in Addition, the question whether such measures to combat the Littering problem is no good at all. “Seven people can leave their waste on the Badiwiese.”

According to the municipality of writer Haas, the municipality has taken Salmsach thanks to this bathing place regulations, since 2011, over 15’000 Swiss francs. The fees for weddings and birthday parties on the Site.