the tests in the previous week’s Friday conducted of the residents of the city social services residential care centres our projects, and one of His Quality in the Vesaluisstraat, it turns out that for 40 among them have been infected by the corona virus. In our projects, are twelve of the inhabitants have been infected, in His Quality of 28. Reports that Brenda’s Career, security consultant, of Care, Leuven, belgium, with the health that both of these centres are managed. The test results are below the staff, to be later revealed if all of these people individually, were contacted.

“Now that we know who the residents are infected, and those who do not, we will have two groups to separate, in separate cohortes. According to the new guidelines, which are a few days from the government is received, will be compromised of staff and the choice between either a seven-day home quarantine, to stay or to have a COVID-work,” said Brenda’s Career. There are no plans for the infected to return to a hospital for delivery.

The death toll in the two residential care centres has now been increased to fifteen in our projects, and five of His Quality. This past Thursday, it was, respectively, four and two. “There is some good news to report. Some of the affected residents are now recovering, which is a whole host of chances for staff to be rewarded for his good care of us,” says Career change.

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