Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (38) took Baby Archie’s holiday in Ibiza and in the South of France. The Problem: The Royals, the public diligently for the protection of the climate, and flew off with the private jet. For a number of Royal Fans this climate-unfriendly way to travel did not fit, even to the flaming speech of Prince Harry at the beginning of August on Sicily (I) barefeet in the fight against climate change at a private Google Event held. After the little family flew well on Wednesday, with about 18 million francs expensive Cessna to the South of France – according to the British media, in order to spend relaxing days in Elton John’s (72) 18-million-franc Villa in nice – broke again a Shitstorm about the Royal Couple. A flight to nice with a line pilot would be in accordance with the “caused The Sun” seven times less CO2 emissions.

Elton John paid for the Private Jet

Now, Elton John joined Instagram to speak, to defend Meghan and Harry. The British Superstar revealed that he pair paid out of his own pocket for the private jet of the Royal: “Prince Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of my best Friends. I maintain the strong desire, Harry and his family from the unnecessary Intrusion of the press, contributed in the end to Diana’s death.”

private jet because of the “much needed security”

The “Rocketman”-Star: “After a hectic year full of hard work and dedication to charitable organizations, David (Elton John’s husband David Furnish, note wanted. d. Red.) and I invite the young family on a private vacation at home. To ensure a high level of much-needed security, we hired them a private jet available. In order to support Prince Harry’s commitment to the environment, we are gone that your flight is carbon neutral, by the appropriate contribution to Carbon Footprint (organization for CO2-compensation, Anm. d. Red.) made.” Elton John in his Statement: “I respect and admire Harry and Meghans use for charitable purposes, and call on the press, these false and relentless character assassination to stop.”

INSTAGRAM “not Taught us,”

The British Megastar wanted to help Harry with his Statement, but for the Fans of the Post is not good at all. Under the contribution of negative comments piling up. “Sorry Elton, but that has nothing to do with Diana. Harry can’t preach about climate change and then in private jet travel. Yes, you paid for and a contribution to offsetting Emissions made. But it only looks worse! It sounds as if you’d say, “I’m just a little money, that makes everything better,”” writes a User. “The Diana-card has often been played enough. You want to save the world – why didn’t you take a line pilot, as do Kate and William from time to time? Not preaching to the Rest of the world because of our CO2 footprint, if you take Private Jets. This is what all of the sour power. Not taught us, if you followed the same rules,” reads another comment.

“people like Meghan and Harry are not private individuals,”

“planes are climate-neutral. All aircraft emit CO2. I guess it’s okay if you’re rich and it can make up for by donating money to a Charity organization. Think it’s still a little hypocritical,” writes a User. “It has nothing to do with Diana, and you know it. Shame on you, you trivialisierst this friendship. People like Meghan and Harry are not private persons. It makes no difference that you paid for it. You would not want to even accept in the first place. You make the wrong choices and should take responsibility for it,” reads another comment.

Definition of the privileged, and hypocritical

A User sums it up: “It is strange that you, and you are completely unapologetic, that the Situation is bizarre and hypocritical. Harry and Meghan preach to the masses regularly on a public stage by the climate change and complain that we should all of us crack together. I’m doing my part – then I hear how often the two are flying in private jets, what makes an obscene CO2 footprint behind. But that’s okay, because it was your Jet and an organization planted a couple of trees. Sorry, but that is the absolute Definition of being a privileged, hypocritical asshole.”


in addition to Elton John, other Stars for Meghan and Harry were in the network. US-presenter Ellen DeGeneres (61) writes on Instagram: “Portia (Portia de Rossi, DeGeneres’ wife, Anm. d. Red.) and I have met Harry and Meghan in England and about their work in the protection of species spoken. They were compassionate and down-to-earth. Imagine that you are attacked for everything you do, if your just trying to make the world a better place.” Also the singer Pink (39) takes the British Royals on Twitter in protection: “I am glad that people defend the two. The way people treat you, is public bullying. It is out of control. Don’t let all of us be a little nice,?” (kad)