Alternative investing has become a mainstay in the lives of everyday retail investors. Traders of all walks of life find that several unique asset classes hold incredible wealth-generating value and diversify their portfolios with a number of these unique investment opportunities.

If you are ready to branch out away from the stock market and into more lucrative options – like the real estate market, where millionaires create and protect their generational wealth – then these strategies are for you.

1. Real Estate

The real estate market is a tangible asset that can create powerful capital growth over time. The property market’s main draw is that a home can double in a collateral leverage and dividend production role, all while being jointly owned by you as a borrower and your financial institution as a lender. While real estate leveraging of this nature can be risky, especially for those new to the property market, the opportunity for growth is enormous.

Partnering with a realtor that you trust – like the ones at Venterra Realty – is a great way to make inroads into this unique asset class. A professional realtor with years of experience in helping clients find properties that meet their exacting specifications can help set you on the course for future financial freedom with just a quick initial consultation. Discussing your hopes and needs with a Venterra realtor or another local agent in your area should be your first stop when thinking of purchasing real estate as an investment.

2. Cryptocurrencies


The digital currency revolution has brought about a change in how commodity trading is achieved on the global market. Cryptocurrencies make up a staple asset class within the modern world, and the market for crypto trading never sleeps.

While most people might consider fiat currencies as the sole notes of legal tender, cryptocurrencies operate within a duality in much the same way that property holdings can perform two unique functions at once. Crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded on a cryptocurrency exchange in the same way you might buy and sell stocks; however, you can also make direct purchases with these digital currencies just as you might with Dollars or Pesos.

Learning how to leverage cryptocurrencies to create wealth and investment growth for you takes a lot of research. Relying on a trusted source like Cryptocurrency Help is a great way to get started in this new investment asset.

3. Bonds


A bond is a security-minded investment asset that can help you stabilize an extended portfolio that has incorporated many more hazardous alternative assets. While bonds may be thought of as a traditional investment, utilizing a corporate or government bond’s stability to underpin more risky purchases like those in the crypto marketplace is anything but traditional. In short, a bond holding is a guarantee of payment at the maturation date. Upon completing the waiting period between the buy and sell dates, your bond becomes worth the face value and an agreed-upon interest rate. Nothing beats guaranteed security. However, the returns are minuscule in comparison to many other asset class options.

4. Stock Options


Finally, trading in stock options has become a winner for many retail investors. While options trading exists in the same landscape as the traditional stock market, it typically retains investors’ trend away from this trading manner because of its relative complexity about typical stock market movement. This type of trading relies on speculative analytics. Buy can order several stock holdings at specific price points that come due at a certain date in the future. If the price moves in your favor, you can exercise your right to pay the previous price or cash in on the short, depending on the type of options contract you enter. This requires extensive analysis but has the potential to create passive income for your portfolio if done correctly.

Alternative investment opportunities are all around us. Find the asset classes that work for your unique needs and begin to thrive!