founder Dominik Kaiser (49) has put a lot of heart and soul in the construction of its 3+TV-group. It has paid off. Because of the TV-entrepreneur is supposed to have with the sale of the Sender 3+, 4+, 5+ and 6+ a Golden nose earn.

by the end of September world week”columnist Kurt Zimmermann prophesied “a sale and called the sum of 120 million francs.

The report was denied by 3+ immediately. Virtually all of the details were wrong. But last week, CH Media bought the station 3+. The sale price was not disclosed.

Now double-columnist “Zimmi” in the current “world week” according to. He learned from several anonymous insiders who were involved in the Deal, the buyers CH Media was even 160 million Swiss francs jump. Because of the Emperor holds 87 percent of the share capital would flow to 140 million in his pocket.

“The purchase must be financed with debt,”

For a carpenter this is a “crazy Deal”. Because The 3+channels to only make 50 million in annual revenue. Since the transmitter financiers in addition, solely through TV advertising, and this market has begun to shrink, is likely to be this number less in the future.

“Still crazier the story is, because the buyer is CH Media earned very little money,” writes Zimmerman in addition. “The purchase of 3+ must be financed with debt. The credit comes from the Zürcher Kantonalbank.”

In August, Dominik Kaiser announced to want to expand abroad. 18. October the 3+in-chief announced the sale of CH Media, together with Peter Wanner (Chairman of the Board CH Media) and Axel Wüstmann (CEO CH Media) at a press conference. (klm)