On Tuesday in the Crimea will remain abnormally hot weather, but in the second half of the day, local rains, have informed in regional hydrometeorological centre.

So forecasters predict, on the Peninsula is the South-Western wind of 7-12 m/s air Temperature will stand at +20…+25; day +33…+38, on the coast and in the mountains +27…+32.

In Simferopol it will be partly cloudy but no precipitation. The wind will be South-West, 7-12 m/s air Temperature will stand at +20 to +22, and at +34…+36 degrees.

In Sevastopol, will be partly cloudy. The wind night Eastern and Western of 5-10 m/s air Temperature at night will be +21…+23 day +31…+33.

On the southern shore of the Crimea, partly cloudy. No precipitation. Wind South-Western 7-12 m/s air Temperature day +30…+32. In Kerch will be clear. No precipitation. Wind variable directions of 2-7 m/s. air Temperature at +33…+35.