in less than 346.000 Belgians on Tuesday that the weekly survey from the University of Antwerp and completed, that is, the people then go to the coronacrisis. There are, however, much less than to 560,000 from the previous week. Remarkably, nearly half of the us is mentally tough.

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The survey offers mostly good news, is epidemiologist, Pierre Van Damme (UNIVERSITY of antwerp). “Right now, there’s even more at home being worked on. On the 17th of march, the worked, 67 per cent of the homes, Tuesday was 75% . Be a part of it may be not at home, and I have an understanding for it. Also, the shake hands , and fucking with people we don’t know them, we love them. To 21,000 of the respondents (mainly young people) said they have a person of the things to come. This is what we need in the communication, in the next few days are going to pay attention to. Also, the grandparents are now more switched on in the reception: . The previous survey had a 3 percent, the population had dropped to less than 1%. Most of them also give you the oppassende of grandparents who are younger than 65 years of age.”

The results of this survey have been left for the crisis cell, which is the situation in place. What we will remember of this survey? “In a large extent, however, that the Belgian people to the understanding. It is time to keep going, because it really is a kantelweek.”


Further examination of the survey on the state of mind of the country. There were a few eye-catching results. “In fact, it is equal with the previous week, it was a good 40 per cent get anxious,” says Van Damme. “Now that we have all of the questions are a little more divided and it seems that the 32% says that it is difficult to be able to focus. 30% of sleep is worse than usual. 42% feel more pressure than usual, and 42% of the respondents say they feel neerslachtiger than usual to the touch. That figures, we need to continue keeping an eye on it, because in proportion as the isolation is much longer lasting, could be heavier to be able to prevail in the future.”

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