The number of deaths due to corona virus in Belgium for the past 24 hours rose to 122. It’s going to be an increase of 34. That is, the federal public service of public Health on Tuesday announced a new software update. In the hospitals, a total of 1.859 patients, an increase of 256 in-patients. At the intensive care department are the 381 in-patients, an increase from the 59 patients.

as of march 13, 410 patients are discharged from the hospital and is healed. It’s going to be an increase of 60 over the past 24 hours.

There were 526 new infections are diagnosed, of whom 381 are in Flanders, living at 87 in the walloon region and 38 in Brussels, belgium. Of the remaining 20 cases, the federal department of Health has no information on place of residence. The total number of confirmed infected people to 4.269. The number of positive instances is an underestimate, because not everyone is tested.

finally, At around 4 per cent of the confirmed infections is to be a person who work in the healthcare sector. It is, therefore, to be about 170 health care providers. The infection is not necessarily linked to the occupation. “It can also be in any other way acquired”, says virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, of the scientific committee.

No fault

Van Gucht pointed out that the mortality rates can fluctuate wildly from day to day, due to a delay in the forwarding of the data. “This needs to be confirmed by a variety of levels,” said Gucht. The data are based on death rates in hospitals.

“There’s something about it that I have to point out,” said Van Gucht. “A virus, it is never the fault of anyone in particular. They do not make any distinction between language, religion, or ethnic origin. They are a phenomenon of nature, and we need to be together to fight against it.”

“If any of his social contacts were limited, the virus has no chance,” says Yves Steven, the emergency operations centre. “This is not an alternative to a vacation. It is outrageous that there are still people who do not respect and barbecue at their home to organize. To stay in their own homes. We understand that it can be difficult, but this chance only once. We are counting on you.”

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