The oldest cat in the world died in England. As reported in the Friday newspaper the Daily Mail, main-kun, nicknamed Rabbi (which in Russian can be translated as Gravel) was 31 years.

As told the publication the owner of the animal Michelle Heritage, white and ginger kitten gave her 20 anniversary. Since then, the woman did not leave with your pet. She also reported that the Rabbi does not hurt, but at the end of life lost a lot of weight before he crossed the road near the house, as he did every day, but only this time he never came back.

Cat from South-Western English County of Devon, whose age in terms of human, according to Daily Mail, was 150 years old, surpassed the achievement of the Siamese cat breed named Scooter from Texas. He died in 2016, when he was 30 years old, being able to write his name, or rather nickname, into the Guinness Book of records

However, neither he nor the Rabbi had failed to break the record belonged also lived in Texas cat named cream puff. She was born in 1967 and died in 2005, lived 38 years and 3 days.