Monday night was a 31-year-old man mugged, stabbed with a knife, and killed in front of his home in Køge.

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the Police in the Middle – and west zealand are calling for now a 21-year-old man, who police believe is the killer.

the Victim had been out to go for a walk, but when he came home to the tenement on the Parkvej 30, he was looked after by the week man.

“The 31-year-old had been going for a walk in the area, and when he returns home to his recovery, he is on the sidewalk confronted by a second man, who stabs him down.”

It says the communications officer at Mid and West zealand Police, Martin Bjerregaard, to the

He stresses that the police do not believe the attack is part of the ongoing gang-related conflict.

the Victim and perpetrator knew namely each other through their families.

In the parking lot in front of the entryway was the 31-year-old hit by several stabs in the chest, but despite life-saving first aid was his life not to save.

Now the police will like to hear from citizens who may have information about the alleged perpetrator.

The case of Mohamad Youssef Khalil, who is usually running around in Køge in a white Audi A5 Sportback.

the Car has the registration number ABOUT 15 403.

Several witnesses watched the attack, and it is, therefore, the police now go out with the specific details of the case.

the Victim was led to run at Køge Hospital, but later transferred to the university hospital, where armed officers guarded the entrance.

“It is quite standard, when we get such cases, check to see what else follows with,” says vagtchefen by the Copenhagen Police, Henrik Sveistrup.

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