The two-time Olympic medallist Caster Semenya dispensed after their defeat before the International sports court CAS at the Diamond League Meeting at the end of June in Stanford/USA, a Start-up about their special track and switches on the 3000 m. For participation in the 800 m race would need to adjust to the South African your testosterone levels because of the new rule of the world athletics Association IAAF with drugs, and Semenya is not ready.

The default is since the 8. May be effective. Therefore, the athlete must comply with the interior on certain routes (400 m to a mile) a limit of five Nanomol per litre for the body’s own testosterone. This forces runners with “Differences of Sex Development” (DSD), such as Hyperandrogenism to in part significant artificial reduction.

Therefore, Semenya is> about 3000 m free as a bird

Semenya, gold medal winner at the summer games in London in 2012 and Rio in 2016, had won shortly after their unsuccessful appeal against the IAAF rule at the Diamond League opener in Doha superior in 1:54,98 minutes in the 800 metres. This was five days before the entry into force of the new preset. The South African government has announced that against the CAS decision will be appealed before the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

What Semenya over 3000 meters?

Tom Jordan, event chef at the Prefontaine Classic in Stanford, is eager to see how the 28-Year-old “against the best runners in the world” on the 3000-m distance is hit. “We must not forget that Semenya has remained intact for over 1500 metres in under four minutes, have only managed a few,” he said. (sme/sid)