in Addition, surgical masks may harm the environment: they contain synthetic substances with a period biodegrade in 450 years. The problem became so acute that a National Assembly Deputy from the right-wing “Republicans” Eric After he introduced the Parliament bill, where it proposes to radically increase the punishment for discarded masks, introducing a fine of 300 euros. It can be increased at relapse.

Note that while this irresponsible behavior leads to more modest fines from 38 to 68 euros, depending on decisions taken by local authorities of certain cities. However, there is little doubt that tightening the law will be adopted in a short time – so it is relevant. The bill also specifies the steps with which to catch violators. For this purpose, the author of the document, you should use a system videonablyudeniya.

– Used masks and gloves should be folded in a separate package and is hermetically sealed to close it. Leave for three days and then throw it in the gray container at the mixed waste, – told “RG” in a press-service of the Department of housing and communal services of Moscow. – Recycling of disposable masks are not permitted, only destruction. Fines for improperly disposed of a mask and gloves not in the capital.

– If you now all wear masks, it’s probably on the streets needs to be special boxes or containers for them, – says the system administrator from Ekaterinburg Alexey Medvedev. First, create the conditions for people to do what is necessary, and explain why you used a mask to throw on the ground.

– Thrown the used mask is a concentrated hotbed of viruses, says a nurse from St. Petersburg Anna Volkova. – Good, before throwing the mask and gloves in the trash, you have them neatly wrapped in a bag. But who will do it. All right, for it should be fined mercilessly! Anything else will not help here!

– Special containers for used masks, says the Novosibirsk teacher Maria Belova – should be on every corner, and then fined huge amounts.

has Prepared Irina Egelko, Sergei Panasenko, Eugene Sinclair and Natalia Reshetnikova