For 30 years, there are Hyundai in Switzerland. 1990 wars brand with a Loose chassis, hard plastic Cockpits and tired engines – smiled, even the cheap-cheap-the established competition only mild. However, the, founded in 1967, the car division of the South Korean giant, which builds even supertankers, made with each Generation of giant steps in technology and quality. Key to the success of the Design by Ex-Audi Stylist Peter Schreyer, innovations by the former BMW-developers Albert Biermann were. Europeans at important switching points dares, otherwise, no Asian car maker. Today, most of the Hyundai’s for Europe are developed and built in Europe. We will show ten of the models which brought Hyundai here to the front.

1990 Hyundai Sonata

Parallel to the small Pony S-coupe Sonata was launched in the beginning in Switzerland. The second, in 1988 launched the Sonata edition had a platform and engines from Mitsubishi. As the mid-size sedan in 1990, came to us, she was cheap, looked and drove like it. At the time, we laughed at the South Koreans. But the beginning was daring and 2019 Hyundai and daughter Kia was behind Toyota and VW, the third largest auto group worldwide.

1994 Hyundai Accent

The Accent was one of the first completely self-developed Hyundai and the first attack on VW and co. Beautiful? No. For gabs to the dumping price (Slogan: “Hyundai – all.”) all-inclusive. A car for you from A to B. drew, although the interior in the brochure (Title: “pure enthusiasm!”) as cosy as a hard-shell suitcase looked like. With 60 to 99 HP for to 4.10 meters in length, it was enough not to Hit, but a success.

1996 Hyundai coupe

As a coupe the sports car of the suburbs, had a Hyundai a real hoot for the youth in the program. After the round 1996-the successor (image) of the S-coupe, the cheap two-door car a more angular and sporty were. Even with a V6 engine, you have to. Until 2016, there was the coupe’s last as a Genesis (those Hyundai and its luxury brand, the we 2020 hear to be), then the Trend of the SUV made him away.

2000 Hyundai Santa Fe

As the other brands of SUVs regarded as a niche, has joined the few favorable families all-terrain types of the Santa Fe. Today, he looks old, but at the time, his Design was fresh and the swing chassis given the price okay. Even a V6 gabs. In Germany, the buyer remained, of course, skeptical, but in the less tradition-detained USA delivery lead times even for a long time. Since 2018, the fourth-Santa-Fe-Generation is at the Start.

2004 Hyundai Tucson

When he started, was the Tucson (pronounced “Tuhsson”), almost alone in the field a compact SUV. And one of the first felt European Hyundai: good suspension, solid interior. By a hair he would have gambled his inheritance: the second Generation in 2009, he was called the ix35. A blunder, the Hyundai made at the third edition in 2015 will be reversed. Because buyers don’t say “go Hyundai”, but “go Tucson”, the Kia-Sportage-brother is well-established today.

2007 Hyundai i30

we will Never forget this Wonder. We had expected the first i30 test drive “a Korean stop”: Yes, well-well. The Accent heritage, however, was of a new Format: cheap Yes, good for you. Thanks to the development in Europe are since a steep ahead with the Golf opponent. And in 2011, there was a knight, as the then VW Boss Martin Winterkorn (71) in sat and grumbled: “We not ability. Why can’t it? There’s nothing rattles!”

2011 Hyundai Veloster

We can also different: With the funny designed Veloster, the South Koreans in 2011, showed for the first time, you can also crazy. The concept of a coupe with a long door on the passenger’s side of a Family runabout with two shorter doors daring was On the driver’s side ists. In Europe the Veloster, despite the cool Look and Turbo-Top model (picture) remained to be an Exotic, which is why the since 2018-built successor in this country will no longer be offered.

2013 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

Today you can buy for Hyundai, the Nexo – although for a lot of money (89’900 Fr.), but otherwise there will be only in the case of Toyota, a fuel cell car (Mirai), which is generated from hydrogen current for the electric motor and you can easily buy can. Unthinkable – would not have Hyundai collected starting in 2013, the ix35 Fuel Cell daily experiences with the technology of the Future. In Switzerland, the ix35 Fuel Cell in 2015, the first production car with fuel cell.

2018er Hyundai Kona Electric

While the Europeans have to do with the topic difficult, and an electric SUV from VW would be a Sensation, builds Hyundai easy a and sells it to the public, almost unnoticed. And he goes away like hot best device. In the endurance test of the stromer, we were astonished: on average, he came per charge to 466, even of 593 miles per charge. So it works with electro-mobility, especially E-Kona with 45’990 CHF (64-kWh variant) is still in the civil context.

2020 Hyundai i10

As of the new i20 or the revised i30, the i10 is a perfect example of how Hyundai is going forward: The previously stuffy village–village-Flea is now not expensive (12’990 Fr.). But to really stylish car, as we found in the first i10-driving report. And soon, the 100-PS-Rennzwerg i10 “N-Line” follows analogously to i30 N, and co. 30. Switzerland-the anniversary there is now “Anniversary Deals” on-the-spot Hyundai (depending on the model, up to 10’500 Fr., the i10 sinds 1500 Fr. Discount).