The trained chef Alain T.* (24) has enabled the Bernese municipality of Belp in fear and terror. With a loaded, illegally acquired arms pistol, he moved three years ago with a brothers-Duo fired five times through the residential district, several residential houses, a Church, butcher shop and school.

The projectiles hit the window panes, ended up in the living room, staircase, remained in doors stuck. Only thanks to a coincidence, no one was hurt. The damage to property but was around 18’000 francs.

One of the Injured is Peter M.* (78). He was on that September evening at home, when it suddenly slammed. “I thought someone had remnants from the 1.-August-fireworks ignited,” said M. to VIEWS. However, it was not a prank. “If I would have gone into the stairwell, it would have taken me. The projectile is just hitting the height of the head in the wall,” says the pensioner.

Alain T. was caught with 1977,5 grams of amphetamine in Basel

The Newspapers reports at the time, about the Unknown, the terrorized a village. In the US Gangster-style Alain T. had been shot out of a moving car to the building in his neighborhood. In the WhatsApp Chat with the brothers boasted of T. according to the acts, and wanted to get even stronger ammunition. And the chef celebrated the attention. “I was at the time not aware of the severity of it and how stupid it all is”, says T. on the Monday before the criminal court of Basel-Stadt.

he had to answer in Basel and in Bern – due to multiple endangerment of the life, multiple offences against the weapons act and multiple damage to property, had to do with a further encounter with the police. Only three months after the shooting in Belp, the then 21-Year-old on the train to Basel, with almost two kilos of amphetamine – 175 grams of a pure substance – has been caught.

The drugs he had been concerned previously with a colleague on a short trip to Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Although the cooking was then low on cash and couldn’t pay his taxes over 4500 Swiss francs. But that didn’t stop him from investing his Savings in the drug””.

court lenient sentence to three years in jail, two of them due to the

for drug-related crimes already relevant to ex-offenders Alain T. sass, finally, by the end of December 2016 through mid-February 2017 in U-detention. Also, credit card fraud, he was accused of. For the Prosecutor of the case is clear: Alain T. had brought people in unscrupulous way in the immediate danger to life. They requested five years imprisonment – taking into account the U-detention. Although T. has been, however, all of the offences he is accused of, reasonable and repentant, he had shown, however, the state attorney.

“I’m reasonable, I only bother to show the” resist T. speaks Because of its from the point of view of the court’s positive personal development, he is working as a chef and takes responsibility – was the verdict milder. Three years imprisonment, two of them conditionally. T. can make a request for semi-captivity – during the day, work and evening as well as on the weekend his time in jail to serve.

* names have been changed