In the Blüttelsendung “Adam seeks eve”, which was announced in 2016, the transmitter is not more than the last request of a VIEW, it is now one and a half years. The Problem: 3+ no of candidates who want to move in front of the camera blank. Nevertheless, the station wants to continue to adhere to Format.

Clearly self-critical one is, in terms of the big announced crime “bernegger & Juric”. There could already be after the first episode concluded. Currently, will still be examined, to what extent can the programme develop. In Parallel with this, but we are working already to Alternatives.

Fritsche-shipment discontinued

The plug pulling, however, Marco Fritsches (43) junk show “treasure or trinket”. At the request of a VIEW of 3+ merely stated: “the Format of The “treasure or trinket” will not continue.” Reasons for this are not mentioned.

Also to “Bachelor in Paradise” it was the least quiet. According to information from a VIEW of the Format of this summer would have to be broadcast. To date, the rotary has not taken place yet again. Even the candidates should not be defined definitely. What is the reason for the delay? The channel explains: “The Format of “Bachelor in Paradise” requires an unplanned, complex, expensive production logistics. The channel is trying to optimize this so that the parcel remains economically viable.”

“The Voice of Switzerland” is on the course

all the same, With a Format of 3 seems to be+ at the moment on course. On the Comeback of “The Voice of Switzerland” addressed, explained to the television station: “The Casting is in full swing. No big casting call over 500 individual Castings have been agreed or implemented.” The first jurors were already under contract. How to VIEW already reported, to 3 vying+ for the favor of Gölä (51), Trauffer (40), Stefanie Heinzmann (30), Bligg (42) and DJ Antoine (43). Who of them will then really takes on the swivel chairs, space – eventually – show.