the huge selection is the most Important to know, what you want. It should be a fruit infusion? Cares if the tea a different flavor was added? Like mans loose, in bag, stimulating or calming? Or you want? a hot drink made of herbs from Switzerland, like the teas from the “king of Herbs” Reto Raselli from the Puschlav

the choice is missing for optimum enjoyment, only the right water temperature. White tea unfolds at 70 to 80 degrees is best, green tea at 80. All herbal and black teas tolerated, however, the full 100-degree charge.

Three facts about the drink of 2.9 dl, including fruit and herbal tea
So drink a lot of Swiss, according to the Federal food safety and veterinary office (fsvo) on average per day. As expected, drinking more women than men and more older than younger people, the hot infusion to drink. the 409 years since the first Import to Europe
According to Wikipedia, the Dutch East India company, in 1610, brought by ship for the first Time, a load of green tea to Europe. The first tea ever to happen by chance, as the Wind blew the leaves of a wild shrub in a Cup of hot water. the 20 Olympic swimming pools …
…could you fill with the tea that the Brits consume every day. 165 million cups of it will be. The calculation made by the newspaper “Daily Express” on the occasion of the National Tea Day on may 21. April is celebrated. More tea drinking, allegedly, the Irish and the Turks. How healthy tea really is?

The cold is getting to us: thermos flasks and tea cups are already up everywhere in the course. But what tea to warm up beside, and taste good?

The 9 best places for Afternoon Tea in Switzerland

Scones with Clotted Cream, Sandwiches and tea which makes a good Afternoon Tea. Where you can enjoy in Switzerland the English Tradition.

Thus, the tea bag can be re-used for boils

tea and the bag in the trash thrown? The not you should do from now on, because tea bags have hidden re-use opportunities.