29 February in the country's history and the stories of the people

29 Feb 1708

by decree of Peter I in the confluence of the Biya and Katun founded the city of Biysk. Bikatunskaya Ostrog – one of the first strongholds of southern Siberia, was established to strengthen the southeastern borders of the Russian Empire, where it lay on the trade route with Mongolia and China.

February 29, 1788

Born Stepan Petrovich Zhikharev, playwright, author of the famous “memoirs of a contemporary” divided by “student Diary” and “Diary of the official”, – a vivid panorama of Russian life in the epoch of Alexander I.

February 29, 1816

the Emperor Alexander I approved the form of the Widow’s species – identification document for the widows of privates and non-commissioned officers. 1863 Widow began to be wives of the “lower ranks”. This document is valid until the end of the XIX century and gave women the right to remarry.

29 Feb 1876

Aleksei Sergeevich Suvorin bought a “New time”, one of the most influential Newspapers in Russia, the circulation of which reached 200 000 copies. Suvorin was making her almost 36 years and received a monopoly of Commerce on all Railways of the Russian Empire. 29 February released the first issue of the new newspaper, which formulated the vision and objectives of the editorial Board and was proclaimed “Frank” direction. The newspaper was closed on the day after the October revolution, on October 26 (November 8), 1917.

29 Feb 1908

the opening of the theater-cabaret “die Fledermaus” in the basement of the House Pertsov, opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The theater was created by actors of the Moscow Art theatre, on the stage shone Fyodor Chaliapin, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. Club Art theater, the mysterious and nedostupenfirst, was wildly popular among the Moscow public.

Photo: RIA Новости29 February 1920

Born Fyodor Abramov, Russian novelist. Gained fame through vivid stories and essays about the difficult life of the collective farm in the Russian North, and the epic cycle “Praslin” the author was awarded the State prize of the USSR.

29 Feb 1924

the premiere of the play “Masks” on an improvised stage the engine room of the Kiev factory. The idea of Sergei Eisenstein, the final performance coincided with the beginning of the shift, the audience is turned into workers and changed the actors taking their jobs.

Photo: RIA Новости29 February 1944

Is 983-day war. Released Novorzhev, Pskov region, the city employs about 310 settlements. In the village of Myliatyn Rivne region during the shooting, was seriously wounded in the leg commander of the troops of the 1st Ukrainian front, army General Nikolai Fedorovich Vatutin – commander and failed to save, and April 15, he died from blood poisoning.