The Italian authorities have approved the landing of 28 unaccompanied migrant minors who are still on Board the rescue ship, “Open Arms” in front of the island of Lampedusa. The police reached the Spanish ship, to start the evacuation, reported Italian media on Saturday.

The evacuation was followed by a letter from the Prime Giuseppe Conte to the interior Minister, Matteo Salvini. The government had rejected the chief on Saturday for the landing of the Minor on humanitarian grounds.

Other countries confirmed to take the Rescued on

Conte, that six EU-countries to absorb the migrants were ready. These are Germany, France, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain. Minister of the interior, Salvini, head of the right-wing Lega, is faced with his hard course in terms of migration policy, with increasing resistance in the government.

In a response to Conte Salvini wrote that the Premier had to assume sole responsibility for the landing of the Minors, and that this decision was a “dangerous precedent”. The danger is that Italy will be considered as “the only person responsible for the recording and the supply of underage migrants in the Mediterranean or around the world”.

States is very critical

After the landing of the Minors 106 migrants on Board the ship of the Spanish aid organisation “Proactiva Open Arms to remain still” on Board.

The Situation aboard the eye according to witnesses, always critical. “Every second that passes, brings the Explosion of this bomb closer. Either someone cuts through the red cable and disables it, or the Open Arms will explode,” warned captain Marc Reig with a view to an impending escalation of the situation on Board. (SDA)